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  1. Wow, RS has changed a lot since I last played. I have around 150m and a santa one one character, is this enough to worm into merchanting? Also, can someone explain what these spirit shields are? Thanks!
  2. Definitely losing a yellow party hat by wandering up the falling rock path when that first troll quest came out or missing out on some holiday (1 day) drops.
  3. topide

    Lock please

    So don't worry dude, Justice will prevail! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Good luck man.
  4. It was short and you have a poser name. But it was decent I guess.
  5. He is to me :-s. He's actively pking right now for another video.
  6. Nice kills. I'm surprised you've only gotten one whip kill so far.
  7. the poster isnt hiei, and is posting for him. i dont think he lost his godsword though. Correct. Kyle has not lost it yet and is planning on keeping it for at least a couple more videos.
  8. It was okay. Could have had a lot more clips and be more sped up though.
  9. I'm not really into the whole honor thing, but how do you justify praying someone who "rushes" you? I guess I'll give the vid a go, though.
  10. Lol at all the Linkin Park. Um, I like a mix of rap and hard rock.
  11. Hello. On behalf of Hiei The Pk, I am posting his latest video here. He said he was done making videos, but with the release of the godsword, he just had to =p His consent: --quote-- http://files.filefront.com/hiei+godswor ... einfo.html this vid is about 11 minutes long, of 99% god sword pking, just a brief vid to show the power behind it, and how the awesome update brought an old fossil like me into pking on hiei again lol Songs include fear and wonder, by dimmu borgir sympozium, by dimmu borgir tie my knot, by children of bodom i'll probably make another, longer god sword vid... but i figured this was a VERY interesting little teaser for you lol, plus i've yet to upload two glowy vids i've made lol... just been too busy i'll upload it on a few more places tomorrow after work if i have time... we'll see, i'll probably be too lazy to do it... but most people use filefront links anyways so who knows =) --End quote-- Visit us sometime at tlp-clan.com =d
  12. Hehe, nice of him not to switch to rune arrows.
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