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  1. Banned because forced meme is forcALL GLORY TO THE HY. . no, forced meme is still forced.
  2. I hate you because dancingman made a wish, therefore mixing the corrupt a wish thread into this, intentionally or not
  3. I hate you because I still am, even if I don't post there anymore. . .
  4. OVER 9000!!! -sigh- 687
  5. there's no post limit?? i'm amazed people actually won then. . .
  6. banned because i've never seen you here before
  7. 6011 don't tell me this is still the one from when i was still here oh so long ago?
  8. granted, but the russians steal the oil from under your nose I wish the leechers' computers would break.
  9. probably not unless you're not excited at all TPUM remembers me from way back when
  10. big foot or bigfoot? doesn't really matter I suppose.. you get a failed attempt to kick bigfoot with your bigfoot *inserts a sine wave*
  11. banned for holding stereotypes and because i've never seen you here before
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