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  1. Twas a nice read, and now I can easily point out which group of players I'm in from that article. (The do what you want and have fun one.)
  2. IRC, easily. It allows for clan members who are currently unable to get on rs *points to self* to contact the clan. Plus, theres no scripts on clan chat, which makes it slightly less fun.
  3. Real life comes first all the time in my opinion. Hell, if it didn't I might actually be able to attend clan events more than once every two months.
  4. spatulus13

    Lame names.

    Tis hard to find an original name, although I do like mine :D
  5. Grats on all ze levels and good luck on getting the ones your aiming for. Also - rofl Troy, although I hope you realise wisp will end up killing/horribly mauling you for that?
  6. Surprisingly, so did I, looked at the title and thought "When did we have a war?"
  7. Foundry for me - Gotta love the forge on that map. Out of the regular ones, I would say guardian for me.
  8. Ah ha - now it makes sense. Although I am tempted to ask what you will do when you scale down the building into the zombie packed streets below..
  9. Ah it rocks, Level 58 Soldier and a Level 50 Sentinel. Nothing beats killing the penultimate boss in 2 shots and killing the final in 1 min, 17 seconds (including the cut scene half way through the fight).
  10. Ah, the High building may be good, but what if somehow the zombies get onto the building? There might be enough of them to form a human ramp, the booby traps might not work. So if they get up, what happens then? The answer, you become a tasty zombie snack. Always plan for what will/might/can't happen.
  11. Well - good luck on that, my record is 90-something hours :D
  12. Ah, I didn't know you had a blog. Grats on all ze levels.
  13. Ah, the zombie plan. First thing, build my defenses (large wall, mini moat, elevated position). Second thing, gather supplies when I first get wind of an impending attack. Then, gather some people, explain to them what will happen. And when the zombies finally come - we fight on. Also, if somehow the zombies win the war, I have a cave in the yukon specially prepared to use as a living space, with supplies to last around 40-50 years.
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