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  1. A lot of people that carry on with uni are millionaires ^^
  2. I've just reached the bowl (jade area), I was wondering if I should focus on crew then ship upgrades like usual or go straight for the 4th ship?
  3. I'm certain afk'ing at daggs is your best bet using a royal cannon. I get 300k+ range xp plus 300+crims an hour and only have to top my cannon up once per minute plus drink ovls every 5 minutes. I'm sure mage and possibly melee will also work there.
  4. Dagganoths are the fastest way, I get 320+ crims an hour using cannon, full arma, chins, off hand ccb, demon horn + bonecrusher + ovls ect...Works out over 200k+ summ xp per hour with other charms collected. Second best are waterfiends and glacors I think.
  5. Update: I gave it a go using just range (Chins + oh cbow + gold cannon), My rate came out higher than yours over a 1 hour sample, I believe this is down to the setup I was using which consisted of full armadyl rather than a mixed gear combo. I did take a screen shot but it messed up in paint lol, I'll post a few more over the coming days to help out anyone using range with your permission.
  6. Nice guide, gave it a go. Did two 50 minute trips yesterday, averaged just over 2m per trip.
  7. Yeah totally you can. I just kept the mage off hand for more damage but you don't have to use it. Awesome! I'll have to give it a go :D
  8. Is it feasible to use just chins + cannon, with max range gear? I only ask since it's the last combat stat along with summoning that I need to max.
  9. Both times I mailed that email I got replies within 2 days, think I got lucky :D
  10. Take the time to get a charming imp if you don't already have one.
  11. This still haunts we to this day, quite little to some people but at the time I decided to quit for a solid year. The year was 2005, I was by no means rich and had worked tirelessly to save for full guthans and a whip so I could camp at bandits (When that used to be one of the best training methods), it took me weeks and weeks of saving and I had every piece of gold too my name invested in that Armour. I was set up in the tent with the table (3/4 bandit spawns for constant attacks), I got connection interrupted and by the time I managed to log on and run back there from lumby I was all but too late.
  12. Max damage output range gear, red chins (I think you can use offhand with them as well). charming imp plus ovls, prayer renewals, super restores I presume.
  13. and you don't need a slayer level, just completion of the zammy mage miniquest thing.
  14. He's talking about creatures in the abyss not abyssal demons :razz:
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