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  1. They could easily make Livid Farm much more bearable by just making each spell cost a certain amount of points and allow the spells to be bought in any order. Buying a spell would cause points to decrease but each spell would cost roughly the same amount. Since there are 11 spells and they currently cost 850k points total, they could make each spell cost 77k points (850k/11). The activity would still take the same amount of time, but players would probably start working on it much earlier since they could buy the spells that will be useful to them whenever those spells are useful rather than having to work extra hard to buy a bunch of spells they don't want first.
  2. I appreciate the increased timer before log out. It just saves me having to reload the client between sessions.
  3. The updated new capes actually look really good. The tassels are hanging more naturally, they've made it look like one piece of fabric instead of several sewn together, they've made bottom of the cape have a bit of curve, and they've fixed all the colors. No need for the retro capes with the new capes actually looking good!
  4. April fool's prank seems to be Jas Hands override for the glove slot!
  5. I'm quite happy with the collect all buttons directly in the GE screen. Makes my daily routine much less tedious :)
  6. What's the best icon setup for getting the most bones once I've completed all the stories?
  7. max cape and hood inventory icons. Where is that from?
  8. Rocktail soup now heals 2500. Hopefully this makes spices a more valuable trade good!
  9. How do you guarantee a random event every day? I'm sending away 8 voyages a day and only getting a random every 2-3 days
  10. I don't like idea of each pet being obtained at a certain number of kills, because there's no variability which is boring. I do agree there shouldn't be a lot of people getting drops in the first hundred kills while others have to do tens of thousands of kills. I'd like to see a threshold where the drop rate increases to be close to 100%. Maybe something like: P = (20+x)/(2000+x) where x is the number of kills and P is the probability of getting a drop. With this system, the drop rate would initially be 1/1000, but would slowly increase every kill. After 2000 kills the drop rate would be pretty much 50%. As the number of kills goes to infinity, the probability would asymptotically approach 100%. Of course there would still be some tiny chance of never getting the pet, but it would be way more rare than it is right now.
  11. You can also get them as drops in the Fight Cauldron. I was surprised to get one as a drop today as I didn't know that was a possible drop. I'm sure the drop rate is too low for it to have a significant effect on the amount of onyxes/onyx gear in game
  12. I wonder if the new jewelry will have a level requirement. Ordinary gem-based jewelry like the fury doesn't but newer things like sara and dg ammys do have level requirements. I wouldn't be surprised if these are level 90 pieces of jewelry. They seem to be filling out that tier quickly, and will hopefully get to lvl 95 equipment
  13. I'd like to see high level resources: rune rocks, gem rocks, elder trees, rocktails, etc... I'd also like to see faster gathering rates for these resources in the wild than not in the wild. That would provide skillers more incentive to skill in the wild. There would be a higher risk involved, but they would on average be able to get more resources per hour in the wilderness than elsewhere.
  14. As someone who is maxed, I would much rather the progress bars indicate 100% for all my skills (except dung) because I have no interest in getting 200m in anything, and I'd rather my alog look as if I'm maxed. Its kind of depressing to see 1% in most of my skills when I have level 99. I'd prefer if it was an optional feature that players who are interested in 200m xp could toggle
  15. New adventurer log shows progress bars for 200M xp. Seems Jagex is encouraging people to go for 200Ms now and is treating that as the new max instead of 99/120
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