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  1. Castle Wars: Scorer Barbarian Assault: Everything Pest Control: Portal Killer Trouble Brewing: Never Tried
  2. I'd suggest for melee for 70 Defense, and I'd train my Range on Fire Giants
  3. I think you can use it but I'm not completely sure. 1 stew raises/lowers all skills that it can randomly. The more stew you add though, the higher you can get. 1 dose gives you a shot at +2, 2 gives you a shot at +4, and 3 gives you a shot at +6
  4. I don't like it either, but I know I'll get over it soon
  5. I'd go with Steel Plates. If you get all the materials yourself and only buy Nats, 900 profit per
  6. I have an account on Zybez but I never use it. I also look at guides there and at Sal's Realm just to get more information about things
  7. - All of its stats In my signature - If it pks then how many kills have you had? I don't pk - how many deaths (plz be truthful im not looking for the best person here)? One that I can think of - What are your plans to do next (training what skill)? Fishing enough Monks for 99 Cooking and 85 Slayer - What are your stratagies in the wildy? Try not to die - if your in a clan what is it called? Ghost Frogs - do you think is good or bad? Good - have you joined any other clan before? Nope - Funny moments in Runescape Seeing someone named Die A Rea - Moments you regret Not watching the screen while doing Tai Bwo Cleanup, got poisoned and died, lost over 200k in stuff - and anything else you want to add Nothing I can think of
  8. Are you in a clan? Yes If so, what clan are you in? Ghost Frogs Why did you join it? Friends, pking, a large community? I started it, and many of my friends have joined, even though it's mainly just for encouragement and chatting Would you ever quit the clan? No, I started it and would never leave it
  9. School Days: 2-3 hours Weekends: 5-7 hours Summer: 5-7 hours If I'm doing a quest, playing a mini game, or close to a level up, I sometimes play longer
  10. Ugh, sorry for the double post
  11. Proboscis because it has no uses at all
  12. Definetely worth doing. Once you get up past 200 you can get 6-8k xp a week in your lowest skill for free. Can't get better than that
  13. Well, you haven't run into me before, if people ask for something small, I usually give it to them, unless I really need it.
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