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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. Hi there Krumlov, although were not all 18+ a majority are and i hope you'll give us a look all details are below. If the images show incorrectly, try viewing our site directly. Thanks for reading!
  3. Fantastic clan that i would highly recommend anyone looking for a really fun relaxed community checks out :)
  4. Happy birthday :D

  5. the red potions are super prayer and the green are extreme range.
  6. not bad at all i've certainly read worse guides.
  7. i watched this as ex df and ex lgz lol was a good fight that really didn't need all these distractions taking away from a good performance by both clans. well done lgz and better luck next time df.
  8. good win [bleep] i miss u guys ^^ unlucky lgz i miss you guys too lol
  9. great job T0 your improving week after week, unlucky HP will be a good rematch if it happens
  10. another good win for t0 congratulations and goodfight GoDz.
  11. was a fun war to watch fast paced and exciting with great transitions from t0 and an epic tank from kuru, very impressive again t0 and i can't wait for the rematch that i'm sure will come. unlucky lgz you did well but today was t0's day for sure.
  12. well done T0 and nice try [bleep] was a bad day to find warria in top tanking form.
  13. good job df outcome was never in doubt from start to finish tbh.
  14. good win DF and gf SoW looks like it was fun <3
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