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  1. Pokemon + Tamagotchi = Poketama I wanted to play fast so I chose that and stuck to it.
  2. Poketama, Dragon one plox
  3. Lol! that will probally get my vote! Hate to sound like a nag but isn't this a little rude?
  4. oh my gosh these are amazing thankyou Panda
  5. *cough* I'll correct you anyway, I had my wedding a few weeks ago I might come.
  6. i usually say you're the ownage Shivers but Lil Atza's is better
  7. Hiya Panda if you're still doing them I want this: Graphic Type: Avatar Deminsions: Tip.it Max Colors: White, silver, grey, general ghost colours. Render(s): Font: Something thats not like scary like Chiller but not to cheery (Sorry don't have one). Text: Be afraid... Sub-Text: ...Be very afraid... Other info: Umm...make it good I have faith in you lol and put my name on it i want all the render but the white in it Also for me I want this: Graphic Type: Signature Deminsions: Tip.it Max Colors: Brown, red, orange, bush colours. Render(s): Font: I dunno as well lol umm...something that fits, like the Totally Wild TV shows logo's font. Text: Rawr! Sub-Text: I'm gonna get you! Other info: Poketama on it and make it good lol I want all the render but the white in it Oi btw if these pictures arn't transparent can you tell me how to make them that?
  8. Here is mine mate Poketama's the name, hunting's my game.
  9. Fg you are a ctet member go and post a bit I saved you from getting kicked!
  10. email your screenshots to yourself and open it on your other computer and work on it simple
  11. Once again changed need more time, its at 4:30 act and now at Fb Rats house in rimmy, world 76
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