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  1. LMAO yea, right iv seen a cupple, both 126, both 3rd age.(really cute btw)
  2. Get facts before you post =; I've seen 2 myself, didn't think to printscreen, it doesn't look all that impressive to me. Kinda like white armour with a blue trim. :-w the reason i want to get is is becuse, i hate the whole idea of the borrows armor, once i get armor i don't want to dump any more money into it. (this is becuse im not a big fan of siting there and watching my guy cutting down a yew for 7 hours to pay for borrows repair). and i say that is more skills of how you know to handle a fight then how good armor you have. plus, i'm sort of miser when it comes to GP.( thats why i don't PK)
  3. yea...i know its really rare but im takeing my chances what to i got to lose?
  4. the thing is that i dont think its with jagex's rules to take screen shots....
  5. i'm making a chart the shows my goals and i need some screen shots of someone wearing full 3rd age with a fury, rune boots, whip, borrows gloves, and a obby or a fire cape.i have some but i got them of youtube and there really foggy and hes wearing a phat instead of a 3rd age helm. i know my chances are really small of me finding someone with this set, but im really board :XD: EDIT: I'd like to remind everyone that this is not A discussion about 3rd age armor, so please don't post if you don't have a screen shot of the Full set of 3rd age melee.
  6. mine is really basic, i love the game "the legend of zelda" witch the main character's name is link. and i liked the hotwheels series "highway 35" but "link35" was taken.. so i tried "link3535" that also was taken. the 10 came from the age that link sets out on his adventure! there you go. theres my 88+ account, "link353510". and my free account, hero3 8's story... i hade a 2005 dragon calendar, march's pic was a guy ontop of a watch tower on a small island off shore of a castle with dragons flying around. (it was a awsome pic but i got rid of the calendar :wall: ) any way, he was holding a sword that looked like silverlight and he had a red cape on with an orange line at the bottom (like the one in RuneScape). okay, not that basic but i had fun typing this! \
  7. boom.......sounds like a short, hope it dident fry your hard drive or your motherboard! :ohnoes:
  8. yay! it worked! thanks to every one who helped me!
  9. okay, yes that'd be nice to have more space for my f2p account.....but the spamming thing was kinda unessary... jagex might not like that..... and then you might not get more space. but hey, if a risk your willing to take.
  10. its about time some one sends this to jagex! we players want a new bank!
  11. the size went down but it still sead that it is a bit map image and still wont let me download it....
  12. no not cropping, but i found my problem, its a bit map imge :roll: so now i need to find out how to change it to a diffent format like .jpg or somthing.
  13. i need to know how to change the format of a imge for a bitmap to somthing like a .jpg i know theres a way to do this but i dont know how.....
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