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  1. What's everyone's thoughts on the time needed to unlock all the rewards? It strikes me as a bit jarring how long it's taking (it looks like it'll be over 7.5 hours for me).
  2. I think the flak they are getting for the $450.00 Founders Package, from a Forbes Article is a bit deserved. The author of the article is right, too: I understand things like the tiers of annual subscription packages, which we could drop $99.99 for on RuneScape, but I hope we don't see anything like the Cybernite packages elsewhere anytime soon. Because, knowing how much some of my friends and clanmates love this game, they might pay for it. But I don't think most gamers can afford that, and those who can are either rich or not able to sustain that sort of purchase for long. It drains goodwill. Edit: I just want to add that I'm looking at Transformers Universe for precedents it might set for other games Jagex is working on, mainly RuneScape, really
  3. Just wanted to point out that complaints about Pay-To-Win and Freemium have gotten to a point where it's made it into The New York Times today. The article's focus is on microtransactions, but the final quote - which is from the CEO of Nexon, the maker of MapleStory, makes him sound a bit like he's pushing more than games: I should add though that the article is pretty nuanced in how it frames the debate, which is mostly about conflict in the industry over various freemium models and their risks to gaming culture, like in this paragraph:
  4. .Ok first off that is a VERY good lore connection. I would like to know their explanation for the others. They literally just said in that update - you are reaping the souls for him - he wants strong monster souls you go get em. QBD is the only problematic one because you never kill her, you only restore her magically induced slumber. That is just a lore-concept. They could easily change it to fix each of the bosses by saying that the bosses have gained strength according to how many they've slain. QBD - Reap the lost souls by defeating her so Death can pull some away. Zil/Kril/Graar/Kree/Nex - The many they've slain have made them stronger. Help knock them down to size so death can part with a chunk of their souls. Etc... Most of RuneScape operates under the "What doesn't kill me, will make me stronger" philosophy, I think. (Meanwhile, updates seem to regularly give certain players heart attacks, which keeps things balanced.)
  5. Well, Skillcapes might be a bit more uncertain, but the Elf City is looking good!
  6. I can't wait to try out the minigame. I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be a fairly bad NPC. Running all the time. :-D
  7. If any of the Gods put out a "Yeezus" style album, we should stop worrying about Gods and start worrying about the Apocalypse.
  8. The poll I am most interested in the outcome/sort of not sure about this month: Holiday Items for Loyalty Points? - Diamond If this means Bunny Ears and Scythes are on offer again for everyone, I really don't think that'll be worth it. If they mean holiday themed items for loyalty points, i.e. Easter 2014 Chocolate Eggs or something while Brassica and Marimbo are busy poking each other, that's different.
  9. Now I'm really excited for the Grand Master Quest! Heist looks zany and cool. Actually affordable wands and orbs from a non-boss. Plus, some Valentines themed stuff later in the month. It looks like a solid month. I can't wait to try each update out.
  10. I kinda wonder wtf this means for lore overall. The eastern lands were supposed to be a god-free area aside from the Missionary trying to bring Saradominism over. So there's now Zarosians out there setting up shop? Is it a mahjaratt? If so who exactly? Are these non-mahjaratt who were Zarosian and are reclaiming their faith with the 6th age occuring? Or is it simple another Jagex let a mod who knows jack about the pre-established lore splatter his 'creativity' all over something and haven't bothered to really check it works in lore and haven't even bothered with a poor excuse because it wasn't highly questioned in time for the FAQ post... After conversing with Zalok Prime, fellow lore hound, it could be related to the assassins hired by Zarosians in Devious Minds to retrieve that relic from Entrana. It's strongly implied that they come from the Eastern Lands (Bow-Sword, what?) and also that they are either Zarosians (he uses ancient magic) or paid agents of them.
  11. I really am skeptical about this. Would a legacy mode even make it out of the beta servers? (Or worse, be trapped in some sort of development hell/limbo?) I voted against it. Their time is better spent elsewhere, and EOC is what needs refining.
  12. I would definitely love this option. So many minigames I would love to try. It's been way too long since I've played Castle Wars as well. At 20 minutes a game, that sort of Double Ticket activity might even be extendable to a week. (Or would that be pushing it too far?)
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