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  1. a little bit over a half of a year :-k
  2. im pretty sure that isn't what jagex ment by "crabs"
  3. your movie has issues dude :-s why do you have the good charolete song in there :?:i have more qp than you do! :P
  4. meh... i've seen blue before, but i don't remember where... and the link?? thats crazy! i wonder... :anxious:
  5. new mini game is great for training 8-)
  6. if you put on an extra 25 minutes like you said i would have enough time to get home and practise :)
  7. well, the skill i want 99 in the most... fishing... i personaly would rather have the cape lol... because 20gp isn't a lot :-k
  8. wow i got lucky, i got to my goal of 60 prayer about a week ago 8-)
  9. haha, where do you get that tea stuff? from the combination monsters?
  10. goes to green dragons yay!!! i can finaly train crafting!!! \ yay jagex! haha, chinese new year :wink:
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