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  1. dam i should have kept my plate nd legs. i sold them because i quit members and rs.. :wall:
  2. if u were to do that couldn't u just trade 3k at a time? it would take long but it could happen?
  3. i made the mistake of investing in a green mask..... what a mistake :wall:
  4. they ruined pking along with other thing, which i dont think i have to mention, and why did they take away tb, was one of the most useful spells for pking. and did anyone notice the # of players decreased?
  5. i think jadex made a huge mistake with all this anti drop tradeing crap, they ruined a lot of things in my eyes
  6. hope they do come back, jadex already ruined the economy, for merchants.... :evil:
  7. i think jadex is trying too hard to keep people from drop tradeing, i dont care if people drop trade from account to account, it doesn't affect me. and it is now going to make it harder to merchant :wall: and pking is going to suck with the gravestone thing. i personaly think these recent update are the worst things they could of done for the game. in a way they kind of have somewhat controll over the economy also. its going to blow..... :cry:
  8. grats on 99 theveing and gl with 00 crafting, i just recently got 99 crafting :lol:
  9. warriors r pretty good i got a few rune hally drops along with a rune kite and long from the zammy warriors
  10. people really buy the steel pl8s? :-k i was going to do gold but dont feel like loseing all that $ useing gold, i'd rather super heat rune bars and make a little profit or even make rune bolts with the bars then sell the bolts and make some money. i mean i gotta have some money left over so i can but a red phat :
  11. i am going to get 99 smiting by makeing steel pl8s, and i was wondering how much the shop will give you for each steel pl8. ( what is the max amount of $ they will give you after u sell say.. 100 pl8s (for example)) and i would be wearing the kramjia gloves while selling the pl8s.
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