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  1. It's Contact! for the bank, not Dealing with Scarabas, which doesn't exist anyway.
  2. No, I tried a couple more things. Created a new empty notepad, copied and pasted the contents of the original, tried ctrl f, crashed. Then I copied and pasted about half of the original. Then it worked fine. 3/4ths, worked fine. The limit seems to be somewhere around 30k characters or 5k words (I assume the search function would loop over characters but I could be wrong). After that point sk closes. I'm guessing some kind of overload? The solution seems to be splitting up my notepad, but now I'm more curious as to why it's doing this in the first place. EDIT: It doesn't matter whether I'm running RS or not, IRC or not, or everything at once. I believe the first time I had this happen was when I was boss hunting; fortunately nothing terrible happened. At that time I just chalked it up to some random glitch and assumed it wouldn't happen again.
  3. I only have the one set, didn't know you could switch. I am using Windows Vista in English.
  4. Hi, This has been an ongoing issue. I am an irc quote junkie and can be counted on to provide embarrassing things that people have said in the past, but since my collection has grown rather large, I use ctrl+f (find) to locate certain quotes. Once I hit enter, I can briefly see that the first instance is found and then the client closes. Sometimes after it closes I get the "Swiftkit has stopped working blahblahblah" (I haven't seen it in a while, and despite my attempts to get the message to display it stubbornly refuses to, but it's a standard message). I did a cursory search on the forums but didn't see anyone who had the same problem. Can someone explain why this happens? For now I just avoid using ctrl+f and everything works fine. Perhaps I should explicitly state that it's not pulling up the search bar (ie actually pressing ctrl+f) that makes it crash, it's typing in something to search for and hitting enter that makes it close. Thanks!
  5. The ruler of Jatizso is a King, the ruler of Neitiznot is a Burgher, put them together and you get Burgher King (Burger King). True or am I completely off my rocker?
  6. 3/3. I'm a vegetarian, always have been, and even I know where bacon comes from. Eggs can be used in bread, but aren't necessary. The oats question, in my opinion, was a no brainer.
  7. For someone with 96+ herblore... Can you add the secondary herb to make an extreme potion to the lesser one when it's in (4) or must it be a (3)? Is the Overload only 1 dose, or is it a standard 1-4 dose potion? If the latter is true for the above question, must you have the ingredients that are potions at the same dosage (e.g they all have to be 3 or 4)? Lastly, when making overloads, can you just use 1 potion with another (or the torstol) and it automatically makes an overload, or do you have to add each potion in to an overload (unf) or something like that?
  8. Unless I'm much mistaken, you forgot firemaking.
  9. Nice! 10/10 Hi, from a fellow SODB person ^.^ And, can I also have some luck please? It's running really low.
  10. What about those that are northeast of the swampy area?
  11. The max with keris is like 144 i think, and the max with dh 1 hping is 110. Its somewhere in these forums, by golvellius
  12. The guy who is going for 60 defense at 18 combat is known as sid viicious, on the Runescape Community Forums. OT, I'd go with higher hp, may protect you from randoms and such. Plus it looks cooler :P
  13. crossbows got more powerful and then there inifinite extremely cheap ammo.
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