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  1. I've been wondering for a while, why when I am in the GE does it add random people to my friends list? It really pisses me off because I don't want it adding people I don't know. Anybody know why the Ge does this?
  2. Bluerose was the first person to get 99 Smithing and 99 Magic ever. This was back in the day when most people couldn't afford addy armour, and each piece of rune armour was about 10mil each, as only she could make the best stuff! Yup when I started playing Zezima was number one, with the old nite in second and lillyuffie in third for ages until the old nite died and lillyuffie quit. how did the old nite die? He had some form of cancer I think.
  3. I think the events were going down hill and this one was much better. I hope the following events will be just as good or better.
  4. Maybe you should be less of an [wagon]? I never said this was my idea, I simply asked if it should happen or not. Jesus Christ maybe read before your post idiot.
  5. I have the name "Goddamn Noob".
  6. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!??! I'd be so happy if it happened!
  7. Just a question for all of you out there. I kind of want to change my username because it's something kind of random and a mistake I picked it. Although, if we were able to change our names I think it should only and obviously be usernames that aren't already registered or not in your ownership. Just my thoughts but, I want to hear all of yours. So, please post!
  8. Magic spells need to be more effective and last longer. Also, did you all notice how when GWD came out, no magic robes or anything really magic related was added?
  9. You don't have to spam. If you don't want to see the thread, don't post in it and it won't be bumped.
  10. 10/10. Those are great achievements especially since you're just returning. Add me on runescape and maybe we can talk sometime.
  11. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I was just wondering if anybody else though differently.
  12. What will happen to the broken axes and pickaxes if there isn't anything to break them? Will they become rare like half wines and disks of returning?
  13. rofl i agree :D still nice to have gotten it of course =p (im the one top right ;)) Well..the person still have to use junk to get cash and junk still have a certain value and as time has showed some junk has become useful and sell fast. Or sell it for 3rd age :thumbsup: Epic drop tbh : you can slayer, monster hunt, pk, cw, and duel with elysian shield. all you can do with 3rd age is trade it for more 3rd age. lol. That, or wear it. But it's still crap.
  14. Damn dude! I remember you when you were a lot more active! I always wanted to get to know you but you stopped playing before I could. Maybe I can add you and talk with you and make you un-bored :P. Well welcome back and have fun with all the new stooofs.
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