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  1. Hey all, this is my first rate this. I'm not English, so sorry if there are grammar mistakes. :) My first 99 and my favourite skill is smithing. Quite hard to get if you have almost no money. Made most of it by skilling and slaying. Uhm I think I achieved 99 smithing on 4 january 2010. 60-77: iron nails I bougt iron ore, melted it and then made iron nails. 77-80: melting steel and iron to make money and still train smithing. :P 80-99: I did this step by step. Melting gold ore in to gold bars. Between this I fished shars to earn most of the money for smithing. Ps: sorry for bad quality, was kinda excited when I got it. :P My second 99 is woodcutting. This was quite easy to train and fun also. ^^ This one I got on 18 Ferbruary 2010. 1-80: Willows and yews, back then i burned al my logs. 80-99: ivy's all the way. With the money I made from the bird nests I bought 99 firemaking. Not sure when I'm trying to get it, because it's very boring. XD Also the rest of my skills, it would be nice if you rate these to. ^^ My bank is drained now, I think the total value is around 4-5 mil at the moment. So I decided to go fishing, probably I'll try to get 99 at monks. After that, I'll cook them to get 99 cooking. Also many thanks to BenEmbrechts and dragonfield5 that they came to congratulate me!!! Please rate! :)
  2. nice skills and bank 9/10 you should get your runecrafting to 60
  3. i am geelkapje99 cmb=70 and total 942 maybe i can be on the list :pray:
  4. i'm f2p so it would be the moss giants that are my favourites
  5. i was killing cows and then selling the c hides
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