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  1. Does lower lv urns give as much chance as the higher lv one for black ibis pieces? I already got camouflage and lotd.
  2. lcchs


    If I make my free account member once, it will remove trade limit?
  3. lcchs


    So for example i could give my member account swordfishes i got on my free account?
  4. lcchs


    hi, Is it true you can trade among your own accounts?
  5. Does the tier of armour you augment matters when you are training invention?
  6. Make sure to unhide your familiar options if you have them hidden in game settings, and then it should be one of your right-click options when you have the pet summoned. Thanks, I had to unhide the familiar option
  7. Does gop 50/50 p2p exist?
  8. Anyone know if there is a limit to the cook/def christmas event?
  9. It must be the glitch arceus mentioned, I was able to crack armor with melee set. Thanks for the help.
  10. No range, so looks like I have to bring melee set.
  11. I am using rune pick and have no filter on, hit it 30-60 times and it still does not come off.
  12. Hi, How do you kill the dill, I have pickaxe but its not destroying the armor even after I hit it over 30 times.
  13. If you do not acquire 11 unopened mystery egg/gold cracker after getting the 3 leaping fishes, do you move onto a different fish or continue to barb fish?
  14. Is it possible to have multiple of each?
  15. Thanks for the help, took me between 10-20 attempts with noxious staff.
  16. I use legacy for my combat since it came out. Can anyone give me a few action bar setup for the 3 combat styles that would work to get the slayer master title.
  17. Thanks a lot, and it is not obvious. You would think they would have that option in the menu where you can summon your pet or on the other summon icon.
  18. I'm trying to get of a pet. The only way I can seem to do it is by suicide. It is really annoying.
  19. Worst Easter event ever, you need to grind it. Is there a way to rig it to get fast points?
  20. Got this challenge done when someone around my combat level invited me. Still have no idea how this works as the guide is very vague about it.
  21. How the hell do I do this thing, its keep telling me other player is offline or has another task when they don't.
  22. I was reading the slayer guide and it says that the one who kill more monsters gets the slayer point (Canifis). Is that true?
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