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  1. I saw "a new war will appear" about 2 hours ago.
  2. It seem as the first right click option you have in banking now is deposit all. I don't like it.
  3. Yeah you need rank for cwafkers w48 works well for me
  4. Is there any 50-50 castle war group in existence?
  5. wisdom is also nice but a bit expensive
  6. I'm lacking chimes, is there one region that is better than the others to collect them?
  7. roll for raw materials and make stuff to sell
  8. Now we know they stack, what should be the optimal captains be with their traits?
  9. I suppose the time to repair is also random
  10. When your boat gets damaged, how is it decided that you have to pay to get it repaired or it takes some ressoucres to be repaired.
  11. Can someone explain to me why we keep judge after we get oxhead?
  12. I have three 10k captains, 1 each of moral, combat and seafaring. For the remaining two what should I get?
  13. It took me many attempts until I killed it by accidentally safespotting it. When I was meleeing it, not only would it heal itself but also the 2 mage monsters. I coud not even kill them and ran out of food.
  14. This is probably unrelated to EoC but I encounter a dungeon that I can't complet. For some reason I can't cross the room to get to the door or reach the key.
  15. They are too busy with other things. Went to a turkey hunt and I have no idea what was the point in killing them and did not know when the event ended. At some point we were all asking each other "that's it?" and we left confused about the rewards or the lack of it.
  16. I used to be able to kill Bork with black d'hide, whip, defender and ee for healing. Now you have to bring more expensive armor into the wilderness like Bandos and food like shark to kill Bork. And they forgot to adjust the skeletal horros's hp to eoc, so it was 1 hit and its the next stage.
  17. lol, it was tring to bluff it way out of fighting you. How about the bosses, are they weaker or stronger than yesterday?
  18. Its like they overcorrected and you will now get 1 hitted.
  19. I'm solo dging and the bosses die so quickly you don't need food.
  20. I died yesterday with ganodermic at nearly 100% charge and its now at less than half charged.
  21. I have prep for EoC for the last several months by doing the most combat related content that I could find.
  22. From what I understand you are collecting them for the second time this week? You can only collect all 30 once a week.
  23. Did they say what theyre going to use the newly empty tab for?
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