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  1. Get yer Virtus wand/book and Sub gear ready kids. The price of beef and chicken is about to crash hard! Unlikely people are going to stop and pick up the drops.
  2. I've seen frost dragons in the lower levels. But any dragon is pretty rare and so it all up to chance.
  3. Looks like they up the limit on buying memories.
  4. If Jagex doesn't take advantage of these people, some other company will anyways.
  5. When you get a chronicle fragment, you also get xp. Does anyone know what sort of xp it is?
  6. So the best xp is to harvest wisp of your level and then click on the 3rd option to convert the memories?
  7. I like the oo'glog lodestone because I don't have to run from mobilising armies teleport everyday. Is there any teleport that gets you near o'oglog that is easy to access?
  8. Do scroll mission early and you can keep the storyline mission for later as their time does not increase.
  9. You can't access some of the content without all 90s. Especially the storyline and their eventual reward which contains a lot resources.
  10. lcchs


    How many daily and earned spins can you keep and in which order are they used?
  11. Yeah because the gap between Drygores and these Xbows was a year right? I like your logic. /sarcasm I didn't say a year, I said next year as in January.
  12. Now we begin the wait for a t90 mage weapon which will come out probably next year.
  13. The set are still a few million each.
  14. Practicably every skill is moving towards afking, then they decide for some reason to make combat non-afkable unless you want lower xp rates.
  15. I see the question on rs wiki, its the last one on the list
  16. I think everyone would love to try playing html 5 but the fps is stuck around 5. Crowded areas go down to 1, so its not really playable. At least they learn from their eoc experience and we can gain xp from playing html 5.
  17. Its better to make the tradable version and selling it as the prices are dropping quickly. I manage to sell seasinger top for 8.6m tuesday and the day before the price was at 45m.
  18. Would have been stupid try to enforce a NDA on the internet.
  19. Yeah my invitation to beta was also in the spam folder.
  20. Castle wars was fun for me, for about 300 games. After that playing it or afk snoozing it was the same to me.
  21. Tie games is still the way to go with castle war since you can afk.
  22. We now have to bank tickets between games.
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