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  1. Is it worth it to try to get the penguin points each week?
  2. the only place you cannot note cabbages is with the leprechaun near the cabbage patch.
  3. Disinstall everything and use your factory recovery disks.
  4. You don't have to go on a specific world to play the trawler mini game. You can play the game yourself, which is what I did to finish the ardy elite diary.
  5. lcchs

    SC hammers

    Thanks for the info about w99.
  6. lcchs

    SC hammers

    Is it worth the trouble to get the sc hammer for 50k of extra xp
  7. Can the hammer be used for 2x the xp in construction?
  8. or the little mine in the wild, north of edgeville with 2 iron and 3 coal, if you dont mind being attack by skeletons and sometimes revs.
  9. Does making extreme potions get you a herblore rock, just wondering because it doesnt say in the guide.
  10. I thought it was written on the list that is posted at his door. or click on the quest in ur quest tab
  11. Is catching grenwall faster then grey chins? i don't catch red chins because theyre overcrowded.
  12. Does the zmi altar offer extra xp this coming weekend? What is the current xp rate there?
  13. No data but based on experience a +6 is so rare you might as well rise the 6 extra lv, +5 took a few load of stew for me. +3 and +4 should be easy
  14. I was wondering about that too, does that mean f2p stay at 2k people and p2p is now 2k+ people?
  15. I'm 95 Slayer and have about 400 points, whats the point in hoarding them. Theres no point really, its better to keep a few hundred in case you feel like skipping a task or something
  16. most people spend their points on the runes so they can sell them for a profit. I was quite surprise it took 2k to unlock it.
  17. This makes training easier for your hp, since you can hit fractions. For example you can hit 44 out of 70 for a "man". This is not very helpful in lower lv monster but should help a lot with the higher hp monsters.
  18. Anyone know what "learn how to deal a killing blow quicker" does in slayer? I bought it anyways.
  19. Its not profitable to solo it, unless you get real lucky. Plus its so easy to die
  20. The money is not drained from the economy, it just go to someone else.
  21. Theres a guide on tip.it
  22. Overloads are kinda useless for most stuff indeed, so if you can I'd recommend getting 90 herb for just ext pots and 95 prayer. I use overloads for about everything, but okay, that's also partly because I got a huge stash (3.6k) from getting 99 herblore. Just out of curiosity, did you buy all those torstol on the ge?
  23. You can tele to al kharid using glory and then use gnome glider or tele to varrock or edge and go to GE to use the spirit tree
  24. Brimhaven is not that inaccessible, you tele to ardougne, take the boat for 30gp and youre there. For the tz-haar city and karamja you use your glory. The point of having the spirit tree in brimhaven is it convenient for faming the fruit tree and calquat. And where did you hear about not needing the lunar/draman staff after fairy tale pt3? I would really appreciate the quest if only they did that.
  25. I asked this question a few weeks ago, and I also had 85 smithing. I was advised to rise my smithing lv to 86 as +5 smithing is a lot easier to get then +6. It took me about 40 evil stews to get the +5. So I would advised you to do the same.
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