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  1. nice.. my 1st lvl 3 clue i got guthix kite :( i nv got any lvl 3 clue after tat:(
  2. thx... but how do i add a picture tat does not need to click when wan to view lol
  3. This is the first time im making a blog so it might not be as good as others.. or [hide=goals] [/hide] [hide=Slayer] starting from lvl 40 slayer.. Aim is 60 slayer Task: 69 basilisk good loot: 3addy full helm,mith kite,white mystic hat,2 rune dagger, 3mith axe lvl41 slayer Task:69 shadow warrior good loot: black dagger(p) lvl 45 slayer Task: [/hide] [hide=fletching] starting from lvl 90... aim to 99 Lvl 90--[/hide] [hide=Range] lvl 53-60 [/hide] [hide=Magic] lvl 63-70 [/hide] [hide=crafting] 56-70 [/hide] [hide=woodcutting] 76-99 [/hide] [hide=smithing] 57-60 [/hide] [hide=minning] 64-80 [/hide] [hide=cooking] 75-99 [/hide] [hide=fishing] 70-80 [/hide]
  4. wonder how long it will take for getting 99 fletching
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