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  1. The one and only The last thing I did on RS, wonder what my return on investment is today
  2. Recognize a few of those names, even talked to Walka92 tonight. My oldest picture of tipiters: A mass DKs trip organized by Toast and SXQ
  3. I hear W344 is where you're supposed to head, not sure how interested people are in it right now.
  4. No that's cool Bruno, no need to message me. My progress after a few days, with 41 QP
  5. Is that last picture that new Jad thingy I heard about?
  6. I rolled a Shaman for the purpose of checking out the new Goblin starting area and the revamped Azshara. Had a blast wrecking stuff as Enhancement. Still, just about every class is pretty friendly to start out with. Just go with something you think you'll enjoy ^^ How are hunters end game? I personally play a hunter endgame (3/7 H almost having 4 and 5 down) and they're a great asset to a raid. They bring very viable dps, along with mobility and insane AoE. The only real problem you face in raids is minimum range and pet dying, but I believe blizzard's working on that. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/mannoroth/Trape/advanced armory for refrence
  7. This is just a random screenshot in WoW; Do you really think that anything even is close to the most awsome of places?
  8. looking to piss people off and get some cheap laughs, not loot. just gotta pay for the spec transfer runes too, so every 200k helps. oh do I miss the days of triple glory kills in BH
  9. night of spec transferring DClaw rushing with Big Mac, back for more after a quick raid in WoW
  10. what he said made me nearly piss my pants, lol. edit: one item DBower killed the dude, lol'd hard.
  11. only took me 30 or so deaths! edit: omg a second one not even this hard in wow!
  12. I had to clean the piss off the floor when he got this kill.
  13. My Druid used to be on Horde Blackrock. Never again. Augh. I'm pretty sure I'd pin it as the worst server community wise that I've played on. >_> Mm. Methinks when I start up at Cata, once I've got my share of alt-levelling/raiding/dungeoneering, I might try the challenge of Cho'gall Alliance. I've always enjoyed levelling on outnumbered sides. The opposite side is usually horrible at PvP. On Kel'Thuzad, it's mostly alliance populated, and there's always raids of 5 or so odd people in full wrathful wallhacking up on the hut in the entrance of Org and killing flagged players. It gets annoying fast if you're flagged, and rarely can you get a group of enough people to get them out... Enjoy leveling though, if you're good at PvP, you should rack up quite a few HKs getting 80, and it's nice forcing people out of your grinding spots.
  14. That's why I don't PK. It's all luck with very little skill. [/hide] notsureifserious.jpg Unspam: something from a while ago I lol'd at your PM's, pretty sad friend you have there Been like that for the 6 or so odd years I've know him ;_; Unspam: Another instance of him being uncool, waited 2 minutes for him... [hide=][/hide]
  15. Anyone from TIF play on Blackrock/Area 52/Kel'Thuzad? I'm horde on all of them, playing a Paladin/Hunter/DK/Lock at 80, all of them decently geared.
  16. [hide=] That's why I don't PK. It's all luck with very little skill. [/hide] notsureifserious.jpg Unspam: something from a while ago
  17. Posting cause Nar's training a skill that doesn't reward him in solo PvE, when he could be leveling his mage. Anyway, I haven't tried Dungeoneering, but my bro's done it near me, and it looks like WoW dungeons with a Barrows like aspect. Boring real fast...
  18. [hide] Or you can do like me and get 3 ancients in a day. Too bad I left the screenshots on my dads comp This is why I'm afraid of the world map. [/hide] They fixed that, you can't open the map in combat.
  19. Nah it's 450, but I just screenied that back when I was on there, thought "Hey, it's 99, post it for the hell of it"
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