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  1. Wow, such a wonderful comment. I have noticed that me not playing as much has led to problems with phrasing and dynamics throughout a piece. With me working it will be hard for me to get some practice time in. However, I have recently got a hold of a Arbans trombone and euphonium practice book. My biggest problems is playing fast notes (16th or faster) at a consistent pace through a piece.

    Thanks so much for the criticism, and I hope you will give more as I add more videos.


  2. Thanks everyone for the post. I hope to get some music and start playing more for you all. The piece that I played is meant to have a piano or band with it. I hope to give you all smaller pieces (Pieces that came to mind where Scarborough Fair or Amazing grace.) and other pieces that are etude style.

    Ill work on this when I hit my first few days off work. Thanks so much again :mrgreen:


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