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  1. OK so I've just come back from a break as it seems most have on this forum ha. Stats at the min are: 60 Attack 70 Strength 45 Def 80 HP 85 Mage 88 Range 44 Prayer Got all the usual quests done like barrows gloves, cannon etc. Now what should I be aiming for? And any new gear I should know about?
  2. The queen plays RS if you dident know.... RL Cusion hes a brat, simply put him on ignor and iv pretended to quit (H)!
  3. testing something.... darm cant put into sig....
  4. right right i get the point ill try something els what do u surgest for a new guy? I how about drawing in real life then edting?
  5. Ok. But any idea on what are good programs and any advice i know youll have loads. Sorry of its classed as spam. O forgot 2 say..Howlong sohuld it take a beginer to make something simpel up?
  6. Hey i just started painting ect...Ihave ms paint :cry: But im sure i can get hold of something cheap (any surgesteions?) Thease took me about 5 mins each give me cc plz i know there not that good but gives us hints o0n how 2 improve all u good edtiors! http://img8.exs.cx/img8/738/dansworld2ih.png http://img8.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img8&imag ... ard6gr.png http://img8.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img8&image=dan1234nl.png http://img8.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img8&imag ... rd19pl.png Cant get them up hosted on the boards! poo...anyway plz click the links! Cheers Smallboy
  7. wow i like them...Especial that sumer breez one! It rocks! Iv never been on any programs like this i only have pain :oops: :lol: and cant use that good either :oops: :lol: nice jobs :D I feel nobby but who cares??? Can i have that sumer one plz :D Im not botherd if i cant but o well thanks smallboy
  8. I requsted one in the other pos.......... i want a guy and a girl an arrow pointing 2 the girl saying han and another arrow pointing 2 the guy saying danny. then i want danny 2 smack han with a hammer thenshe gets stuned then 3 other girls chase danny off screen but han dose too.......then writing dont mess with an llb ty other mssg board btw
  9. ok i want....... A mith rock in front and a man stood behind smashing it. Then i want the man to were Full rune (t) or sara.... I want the guy to have a rune pik. And i want the writing Smallboy68 100% mining hater! Thanks if you can do this! :D
  10. if your takeing requests ill buy one for the min........40k Right theres a girl stood on the left and then the right a man. Can i have a rrow pointing towards the girl saying han And a arrow pointing towards the boy saiyng danny Then i want the boy to hip the girl with a hammer and she dies. The a gang of 3 girls come chasing after danny Then it says dont mess with an llb Thanks if you can do it! Its for a difrent mssg board btw!
  11. you still not taking requests? :( if you r ill have 2 for 80k? ill talk to u after i made money lmao!
  12. i dont know why but that reminds me of glastonbury........
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