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  1. I'm proud of my Fletching cape, and I don't care if you think it deserves respect or not. :)
  2. Rs Name: Ghostoker Points Spent: 500 Item(s) received: Addy full helm lololol
  3. http://z13.invisionfree.com/RS2_Pest_Control/ :)
  4. It is definately possible to make 1mil in an hour. It may be more difficult to average about 1mil per hour, though..
  5. I totally agree. For example, i've given expensive items to my friends as gifts, and give them bday presents and stuff, and then they wouldn't even consider doing the same. Also, i've lent a friend cash (a couple mil) in the past, and I didn't like him owing me money so I said forget the debt, at the same time I gave him an item worth 700k+ because i was going to be playing RS alot less and i wouldnt need it.. So anyway, after all that I found myself short on cash, so the same person lent me some money, a bit less than what he owed me originally.. Then every time we see eachother it's like "hey what about that ***mil?". I hardly play RS now so it's hard for me to earn loads of cash, while this friend plays constantly and has tens of millions of gps in items.. I'm also pretty sure that two people I know are cheating in some way, theyve admitted to using autoers before and in different games, but i'd never be able to prove it, it just really annoys me.. :( Because of all this and similar stuff i've recently deleted my entire friends list, and im just playing RS for myself.. my real friends can contact me out of game, and everyone else can do things for themselves for a change.. if they cheat or dont have enough cash or the items they want then its their problem, not mine :(
  6. I was at PC when I saw this thread so I tested it; With 80 points I got; 25 Harralander 24 Irits 15 Avantoe 21 Toadflax 21 Rannar 1 stack of 16 that I can't identify I was actually really surprised, i'll definately be buying harb packs in the future =)
  7. Clan name: The Unexpected Clan website: http://theunexpectedclan.co.nr Clan leaders: Ghostoker F2p clan cape: Red P2p clan cape: Red Type of clan (skill or pk): Both
  8. Good job for not staking. For me it was always the last stake I couldn't say no to that would wipe out all the other stakes i'd won earlier.. lol
  9. ^^ +1 Trojann, it may not seem like it but you still have alot to work with. You have awesome stats, and a bank that many players (including myself) would kill for. It might appear that you've hit rock bottom, but you can still do so much. As long as Runescape is still fun, keep on playing.
  10. I don't know if this has been said already, but i'm not going to read 16 pages to find out, so... I think the main reason many players have in excess of 2100m is because of the exponentially increasing prices of rare items. Since the number of rares is decreasing and the number of players wanting rares is increasing, their prices are only going to go up and up. JaGeX couldn't just keep lifting the gp cap to keep up with this, it would be stupid. And apparantly the reason for the cap is because of the limitations of the language the game is coded in.
  11. Sorry to hear that dude, but don't quit. It's all just part of the game, it's not worth giving up something you enjoy and that you've spent hours and hours of your time on... But hey, it's your choice. Sorry again dude.
  12. Join Affliction! It's not a clan, so you don't have post x times every week or attend any amount of events, you just go to their site whenever you feel like playing Pest Control and find out what world we're all on. PCing with Affliction owns. Since I joined about a week ago i've gained about 10 levels, and 3 combat levels. And if you want you can be a part of their awesome community and hang out with all the awesome members. :)
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