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  1. an hour and 45minutes in a dungeun with 4 friends. Boss was level 450 and hit 575. ended up gettign 366xp [bleep] this
  2. Its hammertime

  3. Thats quite a respectable level up, Honorhour, congratulations!
  4. When the hell did you get 99 fishing? 10/10 for everything algea
  5. Thats the area you go to so you can light the dragon forge. Unpsam with random old bank pic
  6. The face in that picture is a player levitating
  7. Mother mallum has been free for a couple years and the witchhaven villagers have been saying that stuff forever.
  8. The messengers came the day the halloween event was released. So about a month before.
  9. If you dont come back soon youre going bta. :/ ill miss you kota even though you scammed me a lot. you were one of the funniest guys i know and a great friend. :(
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