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  1. good luck You should keep a log of how many times you get pked crafting lol
  2. For you guys saying armor, should they beef up existing or you think they should make a new set. Lol I can just imagine if they made armor stronger. You would see the noobs running around : zomg jagex unnerfed my bronz med!!!!one!!!1!!!eleven!!!!111!!onehundreadandone!!!! :XD:
  3. I'm not saying people like that can get 1 hitted. Maybe you should read my post before trying to act smart with me. Please don't spam.
  4. I think already hit 99 on a player with Dharoks, but it would be very unpractical.
  5. I think this would be the best solution, but the hardest thing to code. Is this in the RSOF suggestions forum? If not I'll post it there.
  6. So they could make new and better armor. But if its new and better it will probably be expensive, thus people won't risk it in the wilderness. I don't really see an easy way around this problem. :-s
  7. I think it will be in a pop up window like the world map and just be a censored version of IRC.
  8. I applaud Jagex for all the new weapon updates. But at this rate its going to start getting crazy. Weapons and prayers keep getting stronger while the HP level stays the same. We might start seeing players with 99 hp and defense get 1 hitted lol :ohnoes: :uhh: So what do you think Jagex can do? Players are going to keep pressing them for newer and better weapons. So when the time comes that Jagex introduces a super weapon, how are they going to balance it out? I don't think they can introduce levels without messing everything up and players won't let them stop making weapons. Whats your solution?
  9. Congratulations, your Hunting level is now 99, you... ...have now killed more animals than Michael Vick Congratulations, your Strength level is now 99, you... ...have used more "str pots" than Barry Bonds Our corrupt athletes...... :shame: :notalk: =;
  10. Crikey Mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: ( R.I.P. Steve Irven :boohoo: )
  11. I looked the guy up and of course his only hiscore was woodcutting.
  12. i remember seeing a guy named meatwad**
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