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  1. thanks y'all for your help. Please read the Gielinor Tribune for all the interviews.
  2. Wait, you're the guy? Hey, wanna do an interview
  3. 1. Purple 2.No 3. Big Daddy, Hitch, Waitress, Harry Potter 5, and Harry Potter 3 4.Yes 6. No 7.NO 8.I have no idea 9. Chocolate 10.NO, my bro is 11.A site that shows videos, some homeade, tv shows, and movies and such 12.I have no song 13.I gotta go my own way, Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton of HSM2 14.YES! 15.I have no idea 16.Resign from office, or stop doing the stupid war. No, actually I'd say "hi." I don't have the nerve to say what you should really say to him 17.YES 18.YOu never know what you can do until you try 19.None 20. Never heard of it
  4. I don't undstand "don't" I wish you'd tell me
  5. Name: Fun0fun0 RSGoal: using macros to beat everyone, including ZEZIMA!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: Weapons: only the back on my back Armour: this yummy bagette
  6. peanut butter of hobo's foot b/c the tongue thing... kinda like French kissing Would you rather drink only water, or eat only broccoli for the rest of your life
  7. auteor... one way chat... one of the non players, like the yellow dots? No, I can jsut repeat the convo I just had with the Town Crier
  8. entire life in library Would you rather have no tv or no computers
  9. you know everything about RS, but everyone you know hates youb/c you keep talking about it I wish there were more good movies on HBO
  10. Thank you very much for all your suggestions. I'll keep checking this out
  11. I might do a joke interview with a lvl 3 nooob. Actually, I will.
  12. I work for the GIelinor Tribune, and we need more interviews/intervierwers. Feel free to read the paper. If you're interested in signing up, let me know!
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