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  1. Why would jagex do that? Andrew has come to our site many times when RSOF and the site were down to explain what happened.
  2. Is it just me or are you not excited about summoning? I could really care less if i could summon a bull dog to help me brush my teeth or fight monsters. Is summoning gonna be exciting? or just another skill i never use?
  3. My family is opening a paintball feild and we are looking into buying rentals for the feild. We are getting Spyder victor 2007 markers and I am wondering if any of you know if a compressed air tank will work instead of co2 will work with it.
  4. I don't think much will change, there has to be a catch to the GE, like shipping fee's or some other idiotic idea.
  5. omg w00t no more "selling spinac roll 1m"!!! Now there will be people selling tiles for 5 million, and idiots will still buy them.
  6. I did these in 6th grade, just not that complicated.
  7. I train in german worlds, nice and quiet, barley any noobs begging or spamming, and the people are nice.
  8. I finished dragon slayer at level 34, not really worth a cape...
  9. Whenever someone offers you 28 free lobs don't trade them?
  10. I have an attention span of about 30 minutes, not that much of a problem.
  11. I still think all acheivment capes are flipping awesome.
  12. that would be quite a workout, cutting 100k willows!!!! :shock: :ohnoes:
  13. I remember the good holiday items, yo-yo and rubber chicken ftw. (still have them :0 )
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