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  1. great guide! 10/10! Tells you everything you would ever want to know about green dragons.
  2. you could use the money factor: eg. A console game costs 50 bucks. With that money I could get 10 months of RS. or try a trial: Get it for me for 1 month and If my grades drop than you can cancel it. Good Luck! P.S. my parents are really stubborn
  3. thanks everybody! I will be sure to do what you guys said.
  4. Hi, these are my stats. I am wondering what skills I should try to get. I would ideally like to play the minigames that get me a lot of money or great items.(I did Shades of Morton at second-highest and got a decent amount of money). Also, one of my goals is full void knight so if anybody knows a good clan that does pc, i live in california. Thanks for helping! Add me in game: gregmister2
  5. Wow, Great Guide!!!! 10/10! I will be an alcher. If anybody has the braces I'll buy. Pm me in game or on tip.it. RSN: Gregmister2 Thanks!
  6. Many people have rejoiced over new training spots in the wilderness. However, I think many spots have been ruined as well by the reverants. Post your examples here. Training Agility at the Wildy Course is very difucult now that level 105 orcs can randomly appear in the middle of the course and do the course as well!
  7. great guide, 10/10!!! extra tip: when doing skills that produce items(eg. Smithing, Fletching) keep your fininshed products away from your supplies. if your coal and mith ore is at the top of your bank, keep the mith bars at the bottom of the bank so you don't know how much youve produced. helps me a lot
  8. In the abyss, other players cannot attack you. OT: that sounds great! I hate spending an hour at leeches just to keep getting ess.
  9. Thats a great idea! I whis i had 70 fishing :(
  10. you guys he was just pointing out another way to get deaths. Maybe you want to train other skills while having your cat around. You don't have to feed it very often. If you buy half the deaths and "cat" half the deaths, you still are saving 2m. Great Guide, 10/10
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