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  1. I was pking and just started to fight, didn't turn protect on and I lagged out, I lost my whip and it stalled me enough to make me lose torso and def, and the guy wouldn't even sell my stuff back... :evil:
  2. Icthlarin's Little Helper was my least favorite, it got really annoying because i was in a rush and kept falling down that stupid pit lol.
  3. I use the abbyss to make nats and merchant off the forums at the same time. :)
  4. I got from like 73 to 85 fletching I thnik...
  5. Lol I had 0 prayer and I wanted to die to get my prayer back, so I ran into the abbyss with my glory not remembering that the abbyss takes away prayer... and yeah... you know. :P
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