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  1. so this ones mine right? jus incase i will try somthin right now, alright so would u like with or without render cause that parts blank so i figure no but i will make a try at both, also picture of a cannonball going threw a window, think u can find it? cause i sure as hell can't lol, btw Captain Jack FTW EDIT:yea srry i got no idea wth to do on this only thing i'm forsure on is the font lmao, if u wanna fire me guys its cool but i got no clue wat to do
  2. came in to post a bu-new peace of work :P i like it, and YES i lov gradient bars lol, put a gradients blend over it too but don't think it shows too much, very simple and this is y i like it. wat do ya'll think?
  3. #1 15/10 i like it very much, jus looks like hes lookin out over the land scape, jus lov the piece awsome job! #2 9/10 cause not exactly my style but either way its nic and i would get the hell out of the way of that kick :P
  4. thank u for the tip, and wat can i say? i lov them bars :P lol jus looks good imo
  5. while i wait for my 1.7gb xbox download to finish i will work on these nd c wat i come up with, i'll try fittin his body in and just us'n the face, but most likly it will just b the face EDIT:ok so i got lke a half and half thing going on, i was gonna try face but i said forget it because then is jus looked boring, so heres the 2 versions, i made 2 because the words got a little too cramed for my liking so i made one with jus ur name [img=http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/7094/3pointsavvy1ma4.jpg] [img=http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/7430/3pointsavvymc7.jpg]
  6. to help get u rthoughts going, go for a walk, u aint gotta walk no 80million miles or nothin, but like around the block or somthin, and if its dangerous i recommend running lol jk, but if it is dangerous or somthin like that near where u live mayb go to a park some where? i find a little walkin always help me
  7. 1.no one will do this 2.pretty hard to do if they did 3. no one will do becaise we don't kno if its urs or not, and would b considered ripping i beleave 4. didn't mean to flame or nothin, jus sayin
  8. atm i am not at my house nor will i b tomarrow during the day but that evening i will make u that avvy after i set up my xbox..again lol, the thing ur talkin about i beleave is uzzisoft (sp) somthin near that, google it ftw, but u sign up and pu it into the random script generator and it randomly puts a dif sig up each time, u can hav it do it in order if u plz too lol nailed it on the head, lazy and impatient, that me :lol:
  9. thank u guys for the help, and i'm srry thought it did sav as transparent, my bad :?
  10. thank you, i love that background, and alls i really did was randomly throw stuff up there :lol: turned out damn good though so i'm glad i did it that way lol
  11. robo

    Few new ones~

    amazing, that eye...very very nice =D> :thumbsup:, the 1st one i like just for the message, very cool, the second one i like for the way it looks, mystic ball kinda thing going on, in order, 10/10, 9/10, 15/10, the eye rocks wat can i say :P only advice i might b able to giv u it to mayb make the words in the 1st one a bit easyer to c, the chopped off thing is fine but it's to close to matching the light grey
  12. take it out of the code and i can try and it for ya, [url=http://imageshack.us][img=http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/6356/8101r0hct9.jpg][/url] [url=http://imageshack.us][img=http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/4500/jackskelleton222copywi1ph9.jpg][/url] [url=http://imageshack.us][img=http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/2184/pickledsigcopyyp6.jpg][/url] Alright now i need help i'm on these other forums and this dude keeps rippin my sigs and putting his name on them and takein complete cred for it, and its startin to make me mad, so i was talkin with some friends about it and they said theres somthing u can do to sigs to make them so u can't his copy or even right click them, if anyone knows how to do this to sigs please tell me cause i lov to make sigs for ppl but i atleast want my little almost non-noticable name on it
  13. alright, srry been settin up my xbox and everything, i'll get on makin that sig now cause i aint tired yet lol, i think i can do most of it but not the plains in the back ground or the pixel avy cause i can't do pixels nor do i hav any of that :P so i'ma get to the sig as best i can EDIT: here they are, i made two because i changed the font on one, color too i jus noticed, but i like the look blazed font: my font: they are both over the sig limit size, and i'm not gonna put the code up cause i wanna kno if these are ok with your b4 i put one of em into jpg mode, so holler back soon EDIT:fixed the codeing problem lol
  14. robo

    1 request

    much, thanks you so much, love it :)
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