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  1. George Clooney. What's your power level?
  2. Seether ft. Amy Lee - Broken --- b3st s0ng ev4r!!!11!!one
  3. Read this somewhere, and don't remember it word for word, but here goes. There are 6 people tied to a train track, 5 on one track, and 1 on the other. Right now the train is headed towards the 5 people, and you have the switch to make it change tracks and head towards the other person. There are 5 dying people in a hospital room, and 1 perfectly healthy person is there. Do you take the healthy persons organs (also making them die) and give them to the 5 dying people so they can live, or not? What would you do?
  4. I don't know, somebody just told me... I guess it was stupid of me to believe them.
  5. Amen. This would be abused so much....
  6. .... Am I supposed to be seeing a glitch here? Or was this post just for people that can read German?
  7. Come on, any way you look at it, it's a terrible idea.... You get no exp, so it's basically a lot of money wasted on some armor that could look like crap for all we know... Since you aren't willing to take your own idea seriously and elaborate and make pictures, why should we support it? :?
  8. Proposal B sounds good to me, but isn't Jagex changing back to the old wildy on like January 3rd?
  9. I heard somewhere that mystic robes could only be obtained in P2P but could be worn in F2P. A lot of people said that but a lot of people also said it is purely P2P. Which one is right?
  10. Wow I gotta try that sometime! :D It's about the most fair fight in the wildy these days with all the pures... -.-
  11. Like so many have said, it's completely unnessescary (spelling?), but it will add a bit of flavor, like hot sauce! *Kisses fingers like one of those fancy chefs* And besides, it's better than a lot of updates Jagex has made in the past. :XD: Also, I dont know if you have played World of Warcraft before, but this is almost exactly what happens in the game. Just wondering. One of the more creative suggestions I've seen lately though, so good job on that. :thumbsup:
  12. This is completely copying World of Warcraft. And also the durability? That's also copying WoW! Jagex might be sued. :shock: I would be sad if Runescape became just some different version of WoW.
  13. No, you're not evil, I think everyone enjoys that. \ But most people who say the community is bad will try to help, most people on TIF do. There's not much we can do about it though, for every person we report, another 3 out there scam someone. One time, by reporting somebody, I actually made the situation worse. There were a group of scammers (I think they were a group because I was buying a rune scimmy, and all 5 or 6 of them switched it out for an iron), so I reported one, and said "reported". That made the rest very angry, so they all started cussing me out and saying he was innocent and telling everyone else I reported somebody for no reason. Everyone else believed them (no suprise there), so everybody started cussing at me and telling me I was the kind of person that ruined the game for everybody. I just teled to Lumbridge but 10 or 11 people pmed me just to cuss me out. I reported some, but then I just logged out. The next time I logged in, I got a message from Jagex telling me to "please not abuse the customer services"!!! :evil: I appealed and didn't get a black mark luckily. :thumbsup:
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