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  1. I agree with the general CoD thread idea. Black Ops is what's relevant so naturally that's what people will be talking about.
  2. The final thing I get before a black screen is "Determining Picture Quality." I've tried changing the Xbox settings and my Samsung settings. Otherwise, I have perfect video.
  3. My Xbox won't instantly play movies while streaming Netflix. I have a 16" Samsung HDTV; it reads "Mode Not Supported." How can I get to watch movies? It's apparently loading and I saw a flash of a scene but other than that, it's blank. Thanks
  4. Did like 60+ kills and -20 deaths a few times on Hardcore Headquarters. I didn't realize it didn't have a respawn time until I played today, beast.
  5. Just hit 4th prestige this morning. I'm bound to keep it up at one a week if I keep up on S&D with 590 points per minute, but I've been at TDM finishing Pro challenges. AK-74u is by far the best gun.
  6. What were the updates other than the Contracts? EDIT: Snipers?
  7. Agreed. I was playing it yesterday and I could actually kill with my sniper.
  8. This game is pretty good. I like how there's a lot of prestiging, and with no stopping power the perk customization has gotten a lot better; doable. Eh the only thing I don't like are the graphics and the feel of some guns. I like how sub machine guns are back into the game, but some assault rifles feel the same with a different name. In COD4: MW I felt as if there weren't enough classes and now there are too many, same applied for MW2.
  9. hellbellz


    I have early release this year as a senior priority, class from 7:30 to 12:20. Not bad. :thumbup:
  10. Personally, after I stopped getting frustrated from CoD Games it made it much better. I just wasn't worried about getting killed or killstreaks it makes it much more enjoyable. Even after an 11 killstreak death I don't get angry; disappointed sure, but definitely not angry for dying.
  11. I only have 200/750 on SitRep Pro. The EOD title would be pretty cool legit. Too bad i'll probably stop once Black Ops comes out, I'm excited for that game now. Haha and excited to see the multiplayer today.
  12. I saw The Other Guys and I Love You, Man and the latter was definitely funnier out of the two. Some of the comedy wasn't just laugh out loud material in The Other Guys.
  13. I got my first nuke of 10th prestige using a typical ACR class on Scrapyard out of all maps.
  14. hellbellz


    Today... I have film for 2 hours and practice for 4. Gotta love football season.
  15. I dunno how two smileys scream character customization either, istolethepie. :mellow: I'm thinking about getting the game now after looking at the multiplayer preview. I just need to see the whole thing to solidify it.
  16. hellbellz


    @istolethepie Wait, how did you pass if you were still in school? I headed to the beach with my girl. Got some rays and had a good day. :shades: I also was lurking in here and decided to post something for once!
  17. I have maybe 17 and I'd agree. I've been in one game where I know for sure it was; everyone moved at a face pace and glided.
  18. @justcallmedaddy, CoD4 is too easy now. Like honestly I've been in a handful of matches since MW2 and I go like 35 and 4. I'll play a game and see what I get (in team deathmatch that is).
  19. I hit 9th prestige the other day, I'm 43 now (?). I'm really hoping to get 10th next weekend to work on my titles and emblems. It's sad to think I'll be reaching for all of them.
  20. Behind the Scenes was one of the best things haha, I loved it. Pretty glad they brought it back, it's helpful to see if I'll be interested in anything.
  21. The UAV is a pretty good kill streak in mercenary TD. Half of the people in there are clueless. I roll with the Predator - Air strike - pavelow. The airs strike is pretty effective if you know how to use it.
  22. How boring of you. I prefer Arctic camo. On most things. It just looks awesome. Oh yeah definitely arctic camo is beast until like blue camo. Off Topic: I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT.
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