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  1. I was buying 5k coal once for 210ea because i couldn't find any sellers. And i found this one guy who had 5k coal and he was like 250 ea. I was like "Buddy coal is 190-210 each and i'm giving you a good deal." Then he started going off like. Y0u stupid n00b go **** ur mom I hate people like that
  2. white knights castle. Trap the knights behind the tables or go too the 2nd floor and use the room with the cages
  3. yeah i should get my attack and str up along my my range an mage too get higher hp right?
  4. I'm f2p and i was wondering what i should lvl. Here are my stats: 50 attack 61 str 40 def 57 hp 46 ranged 43 prayer 58 magic 65 combat any advice would be helpful
  5. I say they get rid of evil bob i hate the SOB.
  6. i say just save it and since agility helps in f2p and p2p lvl that up like a mad man. It would get ur lvls up and if can help in f2p pking
  7. spare a santa or 9? lol hawt bank man like 15/10 \
  8. 65 cb 759 total 1.5m cash and 1.5m in items f2p
  9. Mask set Santa 10 Guthix sets(I just love it can't never get enough sets of it) 10k raw tuna 50k raw lobs 20k deaths 20k choas 100k ess and the rest just too keep in bank and too figure out l8er
  10. I depends for me because i do it sometimes but then when ur writing a school paper u put like. Yeah where were u? then i got like a mil typos
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