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  1. I did not realize that asking for advice automatically meant you had to follow it...
  2. Just a few questions. I have an arcane stream, but I have heard it is better not to take it because the +15% only works on the target lob, making for uneven kills. Is this true? Also, is the same true for a Vecna Skull or is it ok to take that? Thanks, Drgcdrgc
  3. Thanks, I had looked at that, but as you say prices are a bit crazy right now, so I was just wondering if there was a better way than the spreadsheet.
  4. I know this question gets asked all the time, so please bear with me. Currently, what is the best set-up profit wise for MTK? I recently came back, and am looking to start it up again and was wondering if the set-up had changed. Thanks, Drgcdrgc
  5. Hmmm.... Maybe do a large? That just might work!
  6. Thanks for the responses so far. This is kind of the way I was leaning. I won't be Nexing for quite a while, if ever, since I don't have money for prayer or herblore, and I don't have charms for 96 summoning. Also, I will be getting all of them sooner or later, I was just wondering which was the best choice for my second.
  7. I was wondering what I should get for my second chaotic. I got rapier as my first. I would only be using it for slayer and the occasional TD trip. Other that dging, these are the only things that really interest me. Option 1: Get maul for a few select tasks, like waterfiends which i have gotten almost every other task over the last few days, and TDs. Option 2: Get ccb, since I am going to start range slaying after I hit 99 defense. Option 3: Get rigour and just use rune cbow for ranging. Basically, I'm just not sure how much better ccb is vs rune for slaying and such. If someone thinks I should go some other route, that would work too. Thanks, Drgcdrgc
  8. After being in the chat for a few weeks, how do I go about requesting a Recruit rank? Do I do that here or in the chat?
  9. After being in the chat for a few weeks, how do I go about requesting a Recruit rank? Do I do that here or in the chat?
  10. Same with w53, I got kicked from every party for only being lvl 70.
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