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  1. Hello tip it, I'm not sure how to make money anymore. It's been two years since I last played. What are some good new ways to make money? Here are my stats: What can I do? I have about 1.5m in disposable income if that helps.
  2. Look, you can pretend to be above debating me all you want. Certain people have done a fine job of it in the past, and I lose debates. A lot. It doesn't stop me from voicing my opinion though, and you're just giving me strength here. If you can't think of anything to say, don't say anything at all.
  3. No, they'll just be forced to work more. No one will die.
  4. In an ideal world, the poor should be taxed just as much as the rich.
  5. Unfortunately, life isn't fair. One of my parents died when I was much younger, and we never really had enough money to do much. I hope to finish a degree in medicine on a partial scholarship and working late nights.
  6. But the cretin dropped out of school. The CEO didn't, and good a PHD in economics instead. People should be rewarded for making good choices.
  7. Good or bad? I'm personally outraged at the idea that I could achieve my aspirations of finishing medical school and then have to pay higher taxes than the uneducated moron who picks up my garbage. Other thoughts? I'm not trying to start a firefight here. Let's all use something called the "veil of ignorance" here. Imagine you are ten years old, yet somehow with all the knowledge you need to debate taxes. How do you think this should work? The point of the "veil of ignorance" is that you don't know what you are going to become in two decades. You don't know where you'll be, so you are supposed to pick the side hat you believe is fair and just, unbiased.
  8. I hate the idea that a man who makes $13,000 a year can be rushed to the hospital with the same cardiac arrest as any CEO and receive the same treatment for it. One of the two has worked harder in his life, and deserves what he wants to pay for.
  9. The only person here with an argument that I see as valid was mtomali. Long time no speak, by the way :P And he completely and utterly totalled my argument. I concede this debate to him. The only thing I disagree with in what most of you said was that Halo-- and here I use a euphemism for most shooting games-- is comparable in terms of pointing and clicking. It really isn't. The amount of reflexes and skill involved in games like that is simply astounding.
  10. Most of them are in the Off-Topic section. I did, however, used to play RuneScape, and quit because of the aforementioned reasons. Instead of being rude and claiming your opinion is CORRECT and we should realize that, how about you state your opinion, and ask us what OURS are. Maybe some people like Runescape for the very reasons you point out! I did ask what YOURS were. I am curious to know what they are. How about you tell me them? Alright, there's one. I will concede that point. But unless you spend all your time PKing, which most people don't to the best of my knowledge, my point still stands.
  11. Why don't you come back when you have something intelligent to say that isn't ludicrously inflammatory? I haven't said anything untrue, and I'm not baiting you. I'm asking for a legitimate debate on this topic. If you don't think what I said is true, then respond with a debate. I'd like to know what part of PKing takes skill, please.
  12. You sit there every day for two hours playing RuneScape. And what do you do the entire time? You fish, you hunt, you cut down imaginary trees, and finally, after these long hours of imaginary hard work, it's time to start enjoying yourself with something that takes more skill... Or is it? When does RuneScape ever take any skill at all to play? When you break it down, even fighting-- which I imagine is the most substantial attraction to most players-- takes no skill whatsoever. You train your player to a level where it simply destroys everything else. It takes no dexterity, unlike CoD or SoldierFront or even a game like Halo. Even the fighting is simply a slightly more flashy way of "fishing" if you will-- you click a button and your player does the rest. So my point is that RuneScape doesn't take skill to play, and at its core is really just a boring version of tiresome medieval chores. Wake up and see it.
  13. Let's go Oilers! Weighing in on the Phoenix issue: as a resident of the GTA, I can tell you that we really could use another team. That isn't to say we need one, but it's be ineresting to see how the team does. That said, the people of Glendale have never been given the opportunity to pay money to see even a half-decent team play. Let's be honest, Phoenix has never put together a good team since coming there in '96. I say leave them there for a few years, give the fans a chance to see guys like Michaelek (sp?) and Ballard play for a while. If nothing improves it's time to move on.
  14. A new day? By God! A new day?! My god, man! That's revolutionary talk!
  15. I love this thing. More than the iPhone. More than anything. I need something done, I use my BlackBerry. It's that simple.
  16. I'm fairly stunned.... The plane crash answer is correct. The three hooks had the three other parachutes and the deck of cards were drawn to see who'd have to stay.
  17. I thought it was this. It's either that you can't snore and dream at once, or after a certain amount of sleep you can't snore or dream.
  18. Not exactly. Since you can only ask one, and it can be the same, they can simply say that the other is going to tell the truth, or a lie. You do not find the direction that way. If you ask the truth teller what the liar will say, the truth teller will (truthfully) tell you that the liar will lie and point to the opposite direction that you should go. If you ask the liar what the truth teller will say, he will lie and point to the wrong direction. So no matter what, you go the opposite way.
  19. No The cabin is made of medal. And correct. The correct question to ask is "What will the other guy tell me?"
  20. You said one question. So, I was right, but not the answer you were looking for ;) . If you want to be technical about it :P PS: Try and solve my riddle I posed a while back. I did post an answer. Take a look.
  21. I still worked the answer out myself, regardless of whether or not I had heard the riddle before. You knew the answer before this thread. Ergo, you accomplished less logical thinking regarding this riddle since this thread started than everyone else. Take it down.
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