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  1. agressive familiars. Like auto cast scrolls werent op enough. I guess it depends on what the demons scrolls will actually be to see if they're worth using over titan. Would have been nice if they would have made it an option for all familiars instead of just a mid level 80 familiar. And finally an item sink that will make slay drops rise.
  2. does wealth/col insignia work on boss pets?
  3. grinded out my last farm level. Thanks for the input.
  4. not quite yet 1 more farm lv to go, but i forgot about the max guild portal.
  5. ya fully charged and using polly pore strike so i can use lunars to tele to waterbirth.
  6. Getting into bossing again with boss pets coming soon. I start with tribriding dks and i get owned because i can't kill rex and get a decent spawn rotation. The reason I can't get a decent rotation is because my polly pore is barly hitting 1k with dragon breath, with dragon rider ammy..... am i doing something wrong or do i have to walk to waterbirth and use ancients now?
  7. Was into the books but never really got into the card game itself.
  8. survivor unlocked. Shields are your friends here at least until yak is debugged and you can actually take food from it again.
  9. so u cant take items from yak in rumble..... and you cant use dominion weaps..... oh and boss kills from rumble dont actually count to any rewards besides title and medalion and tok xil is glitchy, need a pick still. who bug tested this.
  10. so does the double drop work for scepter of gods? It only says pharaohs in the news post.
  11. [hide] More excited about the prehistoric abyssal titan then anything els in this quest tbh. We know the kin survived the last rebirth by hiding in the abyss, but this is the first hint we have that there are other sentient races and worlds surviving in it as well. And with the strength of the titan could there also be gods or god like beings surviving in the abyss as well. Feeding off the leftovers from each rebirth and growing stronger and one day hoping for revenge against the elders. Would make sense then with the titan waking the gods early before they feed on enough anima and theoretically being weaker for it. [/hide]
  12. You can get gold rocks from harps for crafting can you get pray from cleansing or div from shadow cores?
  13. For the new potions do you get the journals at the end of a dg or is it like sagas and they appear randomly in dg?
  14. Any idea what the clan symbols are and how to get? For combining with the new seren symbol.
  15. memory crystal by meiryl bank but you need a certain combination of items to take.... really jagex
  16. ya he says that he can only do it with 4 dose or lower flasks.
  17. With new potions coming out soon and requiring 4 dose pots to make i've started stocking up on supplies. I have several thousand flasks in my bank as well that could be used to make the new potions. But is there any way to turn them back into 4 dose vials. I've tried all chat options with all 3 herb decanters but nothings worked. Mod edit: An option to decant 5- and 6-dose flasks into 4-dose vials via the NPC Teplin was added with a subsequent game update.
  18. So much awsomeness. Its gonna be forever before i get the last levels for max now.
  19. How do the new dom tower gloves compare dps wise to nex gloves or lv 90 gloves? I'm betting goliath is still useless since it only acts as a lv 75 weapon. Unless it still gets the damage bonus when wielding a weapon. But what about the other two?
  20. I just have to wonder.... Why hide a shrine that you probably visit every day behind 6 locked doors and a false wall, each one requiring 2 keys to unlock...
  21. To bad souls bane isn't going to win. Would have liked more info on the god zaros imprisoned and used to power a world gate to bring over a demon army.
  22. I bought some keys for the new ethereals and it seems like jagex added a new feature that is really starting to tick me off. Every time i use one of my bought keys I get a loading screen telling me to "please wait. Attempting to approve bought key" I've bought keys before and i've never seen it. And it takes 5-10 seconds to use a single key now. I'm happy because it slows down people just buying xp but it really sucks for promotionals. Anyone other then me getting this?
  23. Confirmed.One of each, does not matter if jar or bare-handed, free roamer or in puro-puro. You can also use a tree-shaking scrimshaw, it's not that hard. Does that mean we have to find a crystal imp as well....
  24. The noted herbs are such a pain now. Having to go through every drop looking for the herbs you want when before you could just take a herbicide along. Unless you want to pick up guam to harrlander..
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