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  1. Whose bright idea was it to add a point and click shooter to rs with rs lag...
  2. I take along replenishment pots instead of prayer. Prayer + adreno. One or two super pray flasks if penance is on cool down or your constantly using tum ect.
  3. The books are not canon in the slightest when it comes to the game lore, so any crimes or violence they commit there cannot be taken as indicative of what the organisation is within the game. The books are canon. Several in-game sources verify it. The Black Knights were the aggressors in the last war, and their previous leader, Sulla, was a ruthless, violent, cartoonishly villainous psychopath. The Black Knights are also slavers. They totally use slave labor. That's not something T.S. Church came up with, either, it's straight from in-game lore. You gonna defend that too? How many evil deeds have the White Knights committed in canon? I'll give you a hint, it's none, because they're the good guys. The kings just on sabbatical while the prince is doing his stint in the army.
  4. Darklight Darklight has been re-balanced to be more effective against demons when upgraded from completing Dimension of Disaster: All existing demons are now weak to Darklight, in addition to any existing weaknesses. This means that using Darklight against a demon will bypass any style restrictions.says all existing demons now so does that include zgw and is it worth using over t 85 or 90
  5. So does darklight work against zam gw now and if it does is it worth using now.
  6. Not sure if I should put this here or in the anime thread but since most pokemon fans will probably be here. For pokemon fans who've never watched pokemon origins its closet your going to get to the games being on tv. For those who loved origins. pokemon the strongest mega evolution mini series. i know its a month old already but don't think a lot of people who love the games would pay attention to the tv shows anymore.
  7. Chronicle card battling game.... When will jagex learn that adding a new game to an already saturated market is just bad business. Adding something like that as a minigame to rs is one thing but then competing with every other card battling game in existence... 8 realms all over again. Other then that rest of the year is looking awesome. Hope the underwater content wins for player power and we finally get more lore on the sea singers/mermaids.
  8. Plz tell me jagex isnt going to completely rewrite the lore of the conflict between black and white knights. The whole the two used to both protect falador until the white knights when middle ages and kicked out anyone not following saradomin. If they turn the black knights into plain power hungry stereotypes I will flip.
  9. Wonder if anyone will actually admit to racing for 200m. Bounty hunting skill! People racing for high scores can hire people to kill competitors. They should have made a high score for darkscape lol, encourage pvp more.
  10. Do the new spells work while dual casting? For ruby aura in particular does it work on the caster as well or only players around. In the description it only says people near the the caster while the other auras mention the caster as well. I'm thinking a barrage as main hand and aura as off hand to get both effects.
  11. Chappie.... 2/10 just for great cgi work on the robots. First off, big thank you to whoever nearly gave me a heart attack and is about to get fired from the canadian film board for rating it as a 14a or 13+ for explicit language and violence... Thanks for missing the scene with the porno playing in the back ground and me praying to god my 13yr old niece who was watching it with me didn't notice. Secondly here's the trailer and spoilers ahead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyy7y0QOK-0 Show of hands who thought it was a mix of robocop and irobot with a robot police officer gaining intelligence, finding the meaning of life and his place in the world ect. It sounds like a good movie. [hide] To bad it's a gang banger flick where you need a street-english dictionary to understand half of it. Pretty much half the dialogue consists of swears and never gets into any deeper meaning then the gang tricking childlike chappie into joining the gang and robbing an armored truck with somehow obtained killer ninja skills. After killing several people he shows remorse for all of two seconds before he breaks his ban on guns, arms up with grenades and an assault rifle and proceeds to break every limb in the villains body, slowly, one by one, and leaving him a bloody pulp. finally at the end of the movie we learn the meaning of life... There is none since chappie discovers the secret to immortality then goes on the run from the police who want him destroyed for the homicidal killing machine that he is. [/hide] Waste of money.
  12. [hide] We don't even know how the link between the stone and the kin even works. When V died the energy that was supposed to be returned to the stone was kept by a kin yet they still felt the death of a false user. And multiple times in the quest the Kin asks others if they can't sense the change in him which they reply no. So they might not be able sense the energy of the stone itself. If the Kin are linked to a false user in some other way creating an exact duplicate and having a kin present for its death might be enough to trick the stone. [/hide]
  13. [hide] Chapter 1 Soon I will return to my homeland. From what I have learned it is more than in need of my guidance. The god wars have begun again and Guthix has fallen. Much as i respect him I now can see that his passive stance has brought nothing but corruption and collapse. I should have returned sooner and persuaded him to turn his powers to heroic endeavour, but I will not be an oathbreaker, not even for that. From what i can see from this distance it appears that my world and people face dire threats. Not only has that sanctimonious preacher Saradomin appeared, but some upstart called Sliske has goaded the gods into some sort of grotesque display of force. In addition I can tell a perfect jewel like Gielinor will soon draw the attention of outsiders. That brutal monster, Tuska, will not ignore this prize for long. Nor will the Queen of Ashes waste time recruiting the downtrodden to her infernal cause. I can even feel the tendrils of Xau-Tak have already taken root somewhere on the world. All of these taints will need to be cleansed away! Before I begin I must set forth my plan for how to defend my people, and the people of the world Chapter 2 Firstly I will need to work on the quality of the mortals available. Even the Fremennik have become indolent and lazy compared to the heroes of old. A return to the old way, coupled with a harsh training regime will soon put a stop to this. The Moon Clan will need to switch from contemplation to warrior magics, as well. I feel confident that many of them will become competent warrior-mages as a result. Recruitment will not be too much of a problem. I will first start with the goblin races. My personal strength coupled with a mercy they are not used to experiencing will win me many converts. The ogres and trolls may take more work, but I can steer this world's heroes towards eliminating any competition. As the god wars continue it will not be too hard to find further material for building my army. The dispossessed and vengeful can make a good addition to my forces. Chapter 3 I will also need to form a coalition of lesser gods to oppose the bigger players in this game. This has worked on multiple occasions before and will serve me well again. As the higher-tier gods tear themselves apart they will leave chances to strike. I and my companions will take these chances. To bring these other gods on my side I will need to employ trickery and statesmanship. Pulling the forces of a larger god into conflict with the reluctant will provide them little opportunity to refuse joining forces with me. By leading from the front I will secure their friendship and trust. With these two weapons at my disposal I should be able to enact a more fitting version of Guthix's plan. The gods will be swept from the world, sadly including my allies. I will of course need to fake my death at the hands of the last to be destroyed, but my 'death' will fuel my final victory. I will of course need to think of a new version of the 'carry on my legacy, my people' speech. Chapter 4 With luck this will leave behind a world free from gods, filled with heroes unbound by the decadence of the present civilization. This wil leave me free to journey elsewhere before my wanderlust becomes too great. Much as I would like to install myself as a permenant resident of my homeworld, this would both go against the spirit of Guthix's ideals and leave many good deeds undone. By faking my own death I will be free of further requests for aid, other than the most desperate pleas. Returning in a blaze of glory like a risen phoenix appeals to my sense of the dramatic. If I act swiftly enough I may even be able to head off to check the advances of the outer gods. [/hide]
  14. V or zaros, who to choose now. Like them exploring more of the dragonkin background and expanding on the known kin. But i hate how they finally made a god that people could finally relate to instead of an ideological stereotype, then went and made him a throwaway character. also from the book of gods [hide] The moon clan will need to switch from contemplation to warrior magics, as well. I feel that many of them will become competent warrior mages as a result. [/hide] Coming 2025, greatest combat mages in the world marching from their isle with complete control over the elemental forces.... :wub: (requiring 1m more points in new livid batch 3)
  15. The bonecrusher now has a Settings menu, allowing players to select which types of bones are destroyed for XP when dropped by NPCs. All options are switched off by default.God Wars soulstones can now be charged via non-Hard mode kills at a rate of 1 charge per 5 kills.Best updates ever! unlimited cannon, back to karamaja resource dg to try for imp challendge scroll. Even more afk.
  16. Missed the ash stain so i guess this is it for the metal dragons... Btw wasn't the dragonkin home world destroyed from the last rebirth of the elders? So how was he going to get orikalkum. Did jagex just mess up the lore that bad or does the kin homeworld and other worlds exist still in some form after a rebirth. Personally i'm going to go with the kin somehow managed to transport their entire world into the abyss after the rebirth but then met the abyssal primordials and got owned and were forced to abandon the world and return to the real plane where they became slaves to jas. Would be a great tie in to more lore for the intelligent creatures ruling the abyss.
  17. That journal is such a tease. [hide] Think he succeeded in implanting his consciousness in a mere rune dragon or if we'll get higher level metal dragons before the big metal dragon/dragon kin hybrid is revealed. [/hide]
  18. nvm. forgot hood tokens just give teles not more ess Do we have any info yet on what the relics will do for raids yet?
  19. till everyone gets all rewards before event ends and she owns us again
  20. Why can't i help the blind giant rage beast... Why so serious jagex.
  21. I downloaded steam to go for the cog wheel outfit before I found out that it would take a 5 gig download. Been trying to remove but I keep getting the steam pop up and this morning got hit with a massive download for a program update. What programs do i have to remove to stop this damn thing from jacking up my internet bill. I have removed and uninstalled every program with that came up with "steam" in a keyword search but i'm obviously missing some.
  22. Couple questions. does crystal knife ability to get string xp from cutting a (u) bow work on proto logs? are seren stones better xp then lrc with rock crush scrim and urns. and is c2 fishing still better xp then using shark outfits eating mode and urns on barb fishing?
  23. Nvm missed the community road trip update.
  24. Or just let us wear more than one ring.
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