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  1. So no rewards besides bxp? :( Not even guard or robber overides? Would be perfect for adding more thief gear or hunting gear.
  2. And i was looking forward for a reason to actually use some of my saved up charms. The wonders of democracy! I hope some people double take and actually read the darn description.
  3. now just buff thieving, desert, agility damage so it would be worthwhile to actually use a ring at those locations.
  4. elf shatard hearts statue...Nooooooooooo. Not again.
  5. Got it. fixed it by switching from safe mode to directx display mode in the safe mode graphics interface.
  6. no go on re installing java. I can get in on safe mode but is there no way to manually set up graphics anymore?
  7. I'm considering getting it just to save inven space with runes. But i have a quick question. I know you have to be on the correct spell book to use whatever spell you have stored but has anyone tried using lunars and spell swap? will the spell book revert after just one cast, will it keep casting, or will it plain just not work?
  8. gonna go out on a limb and say next update will be valentines. 2 new emotes in emote interface already. Loved up and down to earth.
  9. Ah well was fun making 4m an hr just picking up ashes at kuradal abby demons. Guess i actually have to kill my demons now and hope for a wand...
  10. My bad i must have miss read the update when they updated the spirit shield effects.
  11. So tank gear might get a passive damage reduction. You would see ports gear giving 8.5%, chaotic shields 8% and 99 defense 9.9% for a total of 26.4% damage reduction. With the ROTS shields thats 26.5%. That's not enough to make t90 shields more worthwhile over spirit shields even if they excluded them I think. They might need to give a passive to t90 shields maybe? It says the damage reduction will work for all types of attack besides typeless though while spirit shields are bound to 1 style. So they should be worth it over spirit shield for bosses with multiple attacks. especially with them looking at buffing shield abilities. Bash going off of armor rating instead of a flat damage rate is interesting.
  12. which also means cheaper summoning training. Which is why most people picked it. So not really short sighted just different goals then yours. and it shouldnt decrease to much with combat scrolls being usable again.
  13. my favorite parts are where they're gonna adjust hp to make pures even harder to kill and for people killing eoc bosses with legacy getting better drops.... you only need 1 voker for kk. whats gonna stop everyone els from using legacy just for getting better drops.
  14. I'm not opposed to the EoC. If you bothered reading the dev blog, it says that they'll tweak stuff around so that legacy will give much close experience rates, and by extension, closer DPS to using EoC. Momentum currently isn't even 50% of the effectiveness of the EoC and certainly doesn't work as well as killing monsters pre-EoC did. You can't just tell people to stfu and turn on Momentum, because it isn't nearly as close as what pre-EoC is like than you think. And their reworking momentum right now so that will no longer be the case.
  15. new polls just disgust me. why is there even a legacy poll going up before they have even finished the momentum upgrade and have it go live? isn't that the whole point of momentum? so people who like the old combat don't have to button mash, new abilities for zaros, of course everyones gonna go with damage ability. They should just work on a new ultimate for each god focusing around there existing themes, sara heal, zammy/bandos damage, zaros aoe or debuffs. None of this players deciding the new abilities because a polls rather redundant when one option is doing more damage. and of course the lovely economic effects of a bxp that they said they would never do again.
  16. http://services.runescape.com/m=news/gameblast-2014---double-drops-or-double-xp since everyone will probably vote for double xp gf any plans i had of training crafting the next few months.
  17. how bout just keep the combat formula as is but instead of highest stats it goes off of whatever weapon you have in inven or equiped that is your highest combat style. then add in the old cb formula where your cb level went up if you had a familiar. the old thing where your cb level was in brackets.
  18. can they at least tie specials to a weapon type instead of just the dragon varrient. ie all maces bronze - drygore getting the shatter ability. at least then there will be some varriety to choose from instead of everyone and their mother claw rushing again.
  19. anyone record the cutscene? It trips out on me, i get to the part where bandos gets blasted off the tower then all i see is the tips of trees for the rest.
  20. when were wolves names changed to fenris wolves? There are no wolves on fenris. :ph34r: i know your secret whichever mod you are who wrote the teaser for marimbo once owning pest control islands, now this. you cannot hide it forever!
  21. really.....really!!! Literally hours after i clean out my poh including those armors to pay for con and pray....they make them bloody f2p!!! edit: now that i remember the original reason i came to this thread. Are there any new captains? nvm answer in the above post lol.
  22. if you do lower region voyages instead of the highest one you have unlocked does that still count towards unlocking the next region. I'm asking since the new trader is random resources i was planning on doing 3 or 4 of each region instead of just doing 4-8 voyages for steel.
  23. it had to be bones for darts. have to choose now between tree shake scrims and better range weaps <_<
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