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  1. Which pocket item gives best dps now? Is it arma/sara god book or are the combat scrims still useful?
  2. Just finished Echos of the Long War the 6th book in warhammer 40ks the beast arises series. It is by far my favorite series that i have so far read. But also a little disapointing. If youve ever read and liked any warhammer book id recomend getting them. First off, its not actually a 40k series and i would have loved for it to have been turned into its own stand alone franchise. It takes place 1000 years after the horus heresy so its alot closer to 30k and through the course of the series you get to see just how the imperium of the 40k millenium was created. You get background into how the three orders of the inquisition were created, the rise of the church of the god emperor of man, and by far my favorite part, it reveals alot of the inner workings of the high lords of Terra and the books have al ton of political intrigue. It also goes heavily into how the space marines are feeling about the change in the imperium. Some chapters fully believing in the god emperor and others still trying to hold onto the imperial scientific truth that the emperor taught. The only negative complaint i have about the series is that its not its own franchise and because of that its cast of charecters is limited. The main charecters are the high lords of terra, the iron warriors and most chapters of the imperial fists legion. Which is alot more then most warhammer series but it could have been even more epic. I would love to see a chapter of world eaters charge an orc defensive bastion. Raven guard and orc comandos dueling in the shadows of a hive city. Night lords raiding orc supply convoys. Hell a duel between a Eldar craftworld and an orc attack moon would be a pure epic space battle....l and yes i did just use orc, defensive, and supply convoys in the same sentences. I wont spoil any more plot lines because the things the orcs do in this series is just amazing. Last thing thats interesting about this series is that although every book follows the same plot line each is written by a different author. It makes for a bit of change as each authors writing style differs slightly but on the other hand its letting black library publish a new book every month and they already have publication dates set for the first 13 books in the series. No more waiting half a year or more to find out what happens after the cliff hanger
  3. back after a 3 month break and busy upgrading all my gear. couple questions i have for invention. Are there any lists yet about which items have the highest chance of giving certain components? like gems and daggers both give light components but i get fewer lights from gems then daggers. or is it just same chance for getting any component? Wiki has info about all components that all items give but not on there rarity. and i know that 2 of the same perk do not stack when on the same piece of equipment. But is the same true with the perk on different gear? ie same perk on main hand and off hand weap. and lastly do perks go off of total stats of the gear your using or just what its attached to. ie percise perk added to an off hand weapon. Does it increase damage of both main and off hand weapon or just increase stats of the off hand.
  4. Finished fireheart and calamity. Books 2 and 3 in Brandon Sandersons the Reckoners series. They were a major let down tbh. In the first book, Steelheart, people around the world start getting super powers from an asteroid that was pulled into earths orbit. Then the world goes to hell. The reckoners are small groups of regular humans who go around hunting what they call epics instead of superheroes/villains, trying to find their "kryptonites" and restore civilization ect. It was perfect, underdog fighting the hopless battle against insane odds. Then he went dues ex machina and ruined it. He makes the asteroid a fragment of god or some other divine source that was supposed to leave instead of sticking around. And by staying in orbit he was driving the epics insane. Protagonist goes to space to convince it to leave and gets super powers of his own for the trouble. I usually love sandersons books since they always revolve around the nature of good and evil and how its not always black and white. But this is his first series he pulled this and ruined a good world he built.
  5. Downloaded birthright and it has a scout option to find monster fights but my conquest doesnt??
  6. Nother thing im finding is its bloody hard to level up your lower class charecters. Theres no training tower or random monster spawns like in the previouse games to help level them unless its in dlc, havnt checked it out yet. There is the castle defense but theres so few of them to actually make much use of it. Still want to go and b slap my avatar in conquest....i will bring peace to the world! But im to much of a chicken to stab my insane, possesed father in the back so lets go murder entire tribes and citys instead! So i can justify murdering him with my siblings later even though they all already agree with me that father has to be stopped....
  7. Finally got my hands on the new fire emblem and im loving it. Couple complaints however. 1. The choice we keep hearing in the comercials about choosing the path of the game is very misleading. Birthright and conquest are two seperate games that follow there own specific paths. You cant choose your path unless you buy the game you want then need to buy the other if you want to explore the second and soon third story lines. Which is a complete 180 to every other fire emblem game before these. 2. Youd have to be insane or suffering stockholms in order to agree with the story line of conquest. Seriously, you side with your kidnappers who kill your mother and a big chunk of a city with you intended to be a suicide bomber. Oh almost forgot the being locked in a fortress for a decade on top of it. Who the heck would side with that side of the story. I was thinking the storyline would have actually been a choice between blood or bond like you were sent off as a fosterling to the neighboring land and war breaks out and actually choosing between friends and familiy. I ended up getting conquest since it was the only one actually in stock anywhere in my city lol. Ill play it and enjoy the always good gameplay but ill prob download birthright later for another 30$ and never touch conquest again.
  8. Things are slow around here and i came across this study while reading the news paper today. I'm sure hardly anyone has actually thought about it and im sure there are other facts out there that would make us cringe in horror about living in the modern day world. A group in toronto wanted to see how living in highrises effects the response times of EMS. They gathered data of cardiac arrest victims in private residences from several years in toronto and here is what they found when they grouped the victims by the floor they were on. People who had Cardiac arrest on the third floor or lower had a survival rate of about 5%. Dismal enough. People who had cardiac arrest on the 15th floor had less than a 1% survival rate. And finally, of all the people who had cardiac arrest on the 25th floor or higher not a single person survived. http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/highrise-heart-attacks Sure that will make you think twice about getting that appartment with the great view youve always wanted. What other facts can we share to keep us up at night?
  9. Hated the end of the cave goblin quest line. They had the perfect set up to make zanik a true war god, but a protector who would look out for the goblin races and advance their society instead of the petty, childish brute they turned bandos into at the end. Would have also been a great tie in for the dwarves since they have pretty much been left to rot now. Could have joined the zanik faction with guthix gone. But no....another pillard quest.
  10. RNVE-C20W-0NTX BHNH-0SK0-P3IJ X4ZY-1MMP-58ZB 3 more keys if anyones still looking late to the party hope the game is still active.
  11. I'm looking for the goebie cragpole but for some reason jagex made it so goebis on every world are different and not all goebies are on each world. Anyone have any clue where he is. edtir. nvm found him on the 30th world hop.....who the hell came up with this mechanic.
  12. But yes, lootshare does work. When the part is dropped, the person with the highest damage done will receive it. Additionally If one person who is in the lootshare group doesn't qualify for the defender piece, it will not be dropped, regardless of who got the dps group well thats gonna make it even harder to find teams
  13. Finished reading "Deathfire". Lates book in the Horus heresy series of warhammer. Another massive cliff hanger!!! They had it set up perfectly to explain what happened to vulcan only for him to rise from the ashes again. So again have to wait for the next book to find out just what the hell happened to him! The book was great though. Its told from the perspective of the salamanders and it basically explains how the loyalist legions are changing from the atheist society the emperor created to reverting back to cultural beliefs and believing that the primarchs and the emperor are demigods. Should be interesting if in the next book the emperor and vulcan meet up and how the former views the changes made in the salamanders. Also started reading the Realm Gate Wars. Newest series from the warhammer universe. The books are decent but they could have spent more effort on the first one. There's almost no explanation for what happens in between The End Times series and the Realm Gate Wars. The series starts with Sigmar leading an army of super humans to reclaim the 8 realms from chaos but doesn't explain how they created the 8 realms after the old world was destroyed or how the gods of chaos found them after the other gods tricked them into thinking the world destroyed. First three books so far have rather limited cast of characters. Just humans, chaos followers, skaven and dryads so far. But be interesting to see in later books how the elves, dwarves and other races have changed. One thing i hate is that the skaven have been merged with the army's of chaos instead of being there own distinct race fighting for or against chaos depending on their own whims. Don't get me started on the strange new rules for the new table top game though.... definitely not going to play that but will keep following the books.
  14. Does ls work with the defender drop?
  15. do you need just one style of lv 70 defender to unlock all 3 of the lv 80 ones or do you need lv 70 mage defender before u can make lv 80 mage, lv 70 range defender before u can make lv 80 range def ect.
  16. does it get a loot beam or do i have to check every monster drop?
  17. happened couple of times on worlds 79 and 4. Not sure of time couple happened after 10pm eastern i believe. Put in a bug report myself but havn't been able to figure out what actually triggers it.
  18. came across this gem of a bug while doing kalph queen slay task ended up getting owned by 5 of them at a time. Is it a kq only glitch or is it happening with all bosses??
  19. afraid to do higher bosses atm if this happens like an easy boss like kq.... although it does present interesting opportunities for mole....
  20. Now the real important question(s). Will we have to wait another 5-10 years to find out how the sword created for the black knights by the first king managed to somehow end up in faladors version of fort Knox in the falador park. And what happened to its twin saradomin sword. And did the king who had them both forged survive going behind the councils back and making the black knights sword. Lastly... taking bets on kara meir is secretly an illegitimate heir to the falador throne who was living in exile with a white knight protector and she's the one the stone is waiting for to reclaim the throne.
  21. Don't know why i'm in such a nitpicking mood over this update. They updated carpets so we wouldn't have to keep equipping and unequipping weapons but they make the same mistake with the boats. Why make a runespan only aura after reworking abyss running to actually be competitive. Aura that would have given chance of producing extra rune or saving essence would have been much more balanced then increasing runespan xp alone. new gravestones when I havn't even seen any graves since the death rework. Only thing i'm liking about this event so far has been the concept art for mammoths, wyverns and ripper demons.
  22. And why do i have to walk to death now to toggle a death animation instead of having it with the other death animations in the custimization interface...
  23. So hows the herb burner different from herbicide?? And why not just update herbicide... nvm so all it is is just a xp buff over herbicide but doesnt auto burn herbs?
  24. There's also a giant turtle wandering mazcab... and not a thing you can do with either. Yay post quest content!
  25. You have to lead the targets or just spam click right by their spawn and they die before they can even become visible. spam to much though and they kill themsleves or is my lag so bad that the airuts are just attacking half way up the path... Is the small goebi village that appears south of nardah all there is to the post quest content??
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