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  1. the most money making way is lobbies and yews
  2. the popular trust game. they give back the stuff and wait till the sandwhich lady comes.The scammer does not talk to the lady and gets teleported.
  3. I think the best clan chat is Green098. Zezima`s chat could not talk. Uloveme and Samanthanz`s chat are strict. For green098, the chat has ppl like Miles15 and green098 is very frenly. There are jokes/ funny stuff going around on the chat everyday. =d
  4. willows: german worlds port sarim yews : lumbridgge german worlds the german worlds has lil macros so it is a good place to go there
  5. yes all the skill needs money to lvl up especially f2p Combat : $$$ for armour range : $ for armour , arrows prayer: $$$$ for bones mage : $$$$ for runes runcrafting : $$$$$4 for buying talisman/ tirara con : {i m f2p, frm wad my p2p frens say, they told me it cost lots of $] hp : only skill which needs no money agilty herbolore theiving fletch farming hunter : idk it needs $ a not i m not p2p :D crafting : $$ to buy hides , mould mining : $$$ to buy picaxe smithing : $$$ to buy ores/bars fishing : $$$ to buy fishing equipment cooking : $$$ to buy stuff to cook fm: $ to buy logs wc : $$$$$$ to buy axes
  6. yes it has. jagex keep creating new things for p2p eg: God Wars ; new quest but not for f2p!!!!! i wish jagex will have new quest and more interesting things to do like adding f2p minigames like club penguin
  7. IF u want to see a group of bots invading the the trees . go to world 1/3 the port sarim willows wc place u will <333333 it
  8. world 139. if i m wcing i wil lbe at port sarim the willows. lobs or lessers
  9. zezima the old nite uloveme yogosun n0valyfe
  10. last time wen german world release , there was no macros . now the macros became smarter and go to german world . but usually infested port sarim willow wc place has a lil macro lately :ohnoes:
  11. Ya the top ten games is not reliable. i think the game creators paid miniclip to be on the top ten games list. Runescape used to be in the top 10 games list but wen club penguin came, it dissapeared :ohnoes:
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