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    Better get that looked at, your fuel lines might be needing a replacement.
  2. darkace21


    What's the best code to learn right now in terms of usage? I plan on taking some programming classes next year as well as getting cisco certified after I finish my degree.
  3. darkace21


    My toenail is finally starting to heal. Slammed it into the garage door on tuesday and about 90% of the nail was sitting at a 50 degree angle. And by heal I mean I'm not hobbling around like I'm crippled as much.
  4. darkace21


    I mostly use reddit for porn tbh.
  5. darkace21


    I now know the pain of having a toenail violently removed. 0/10 would not recommend.
  6. Decided to grind out the last 16 quests I had to do in a day and a half after finishing MEP2.
  7. If you've done the rat catcher quest go to the port sarim rat pits and have them turn your cat into a wily one.
  8. Just get 69 thieving and boost it using a summer squirk juice. You'll probably get that done quicker than trying to get a [bleep]ing +5 from stews.
  9. This quest made me rage so many damn times, but I'm glad I finished it.
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