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  1. Yeah that happaned to me. I was like :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Good thing is, 0 Defence experiance!!! \ \ \ \ And its only temporarily until they fix it. So be sure to get your last pictures of Tutorial island while you can! : EDIT: Lol, also it says in green i've completed the Learning the ropes quest, but I have 0 quest points!
  2. 10 ...hundred billion. :thumbsup:
  3. Man he didn't ask for deconstructive critisicm, just some advice. So what if he uses steel arrows? He probably isn't rich, or likes to keep his money. You can't expect to be a master on your first Bounty hunter video. So lay off him, it disgusts me to hear you guys throw all of these insults and negativity at him. :shame:
  4. You said that you'll never use range, but range can be VERY helpful. But if your really a pure strength, then i guess you'd never use it. I have to agree with Bongo_Man on the fire blast thing. Range is, i think on rapid twice as fast as a fire blast. And you can always get range to your current level in magic.(59) So you would hit less but you could hit twice as fast. 8-)
  5. I was curious to see what level my strength was with a strength potion on. :D
  6. Thats why you get 26 prayer for hawk eye to make up for them. :mrgreen:
  7. Ok i'm pretty much set, but i'd like to hear anyone elses opinions on this.
  8. I like saving money with prayer :thumbsup:
  9. Heres where I trained: 1-20 Cows 20-35 minotaurs 35-? Barbarians I dont know to what level because im only at 41 range. Power training at The barb village longhall works good, ut only with bronze arrows. EDIT: also i got 26 prayer for protect item and hawk eye.
  10. Well i made a pure strength and i got owned by range 2hers. So im making one. \ His name is A R R 0w Z Z, if you want to add, because training is hella boring. -.-
  11. Ok i'm not making a rune pure ranger...1 defence range 2her So anyone else?
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