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  1. I think the main reason for that is that where they advertise is people looking for something to try and pass the time (miniclip & addicting games) and E3 for people that would appreciate it as you said but also that they would be more likely to become members.
  2. It really all comes down to the money, but I think you'd be better off with the d scimitar concidering the differences are minimal compared to the price. The extra money saved could either be spent on food and potions to train more or put it towards another skill/make an investment.
  3. My mom doesn't really care, but since your parents seem to care so much just ask them if you can have x hours a day on weekends, if you ask them for an hour or hour and a half every Saturday and Sunday it's unlikely that you'd be turned.
  4. Just open up another tab and check the ge price then open the calculator program (if you have windows) and multiply the numbers, just easier then learning a new site.
  5. Investing in rune items could be a decent investment but that would be better off saved until closer to the PvP update, buying ess and making nats is ok but it would be better if you had 91, getting rc gloves and training it up could go pretty fast if you were willing to spend the 2 mill on ess then you would have 91 rc and you could sell the runes to buy ess to make nats at 2x.
  6. Fog and Cw are pretty fun but I would recommend training on the roaches just south of edgeville because they're close to the bank for restocking on food and not that far from the g.e. for when the 4 hours is up.
  7. Very good for training but I wouldn't say that theres a need to stop at 90, in my opinion they're good until 100, but I would recommend having at least 70 defense when fighting them.
  8. I never thought about the skilling side of things for this update, maybe a skilling clan could team up with a fighting clan and supply them with food as they catch and cook it and the fighters could have a continuous supply of food coming in while the skillers could have continuous experience without having to bank.
  9. It wasn't quite a new clan but more the same clan with new and more maturepeople, more organization, different expectation and different ways of doing things. But I do see where you're coming from.
  10. The main thing that will go up in prices is rune scimitars since people will be loosing them while 1 iteming with just small amounts of gp there to replace it. The game has a steady flow of gp already coming in from pc, killing things etc. but rune scimitars don't come in as often as the gp that they're worth comes in. Rune sets will also go down the drain along with ammys. They could be smart and make any item lost go on the ge and just drain the money out instead keeping things the same price since the money draining out wouldn't be enough to do any damage
  11. I guess after you red my thread it would get turned into a tip.it thread. I think that the goblin village is the best place to have because there is such a narrow entrance and it would be easy to pile whoever comes in with rangers and mages standing off to the sides behind the walls and in buildings plus the city never gets mentioned so not many people would be after it.
  12. True that mages are piled instantly but the price for being able to do more damage is being hurt more.
  13. Not many things about the game will change with the update, more people will have fun and some prices will shift slightly, that's it.
  14. Things will definately(sp?) be better for the game providing they don't screw up this one. People will have problems with it and complain but after a while of random running around the worlds will be run by clans making profits and enjoying wars, most people will be much happier
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