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  1. Graves last for a time limit. It doesn't matter if you log out, they will still be there until the time limit expires. Repairing a grave takes 2 prayer points and it restores the 2 min time limit on the grave; just right click on the grave and click repair. Blessing a grave takes prayer lv 70, and it adds on 5 mins time limit. A normal grave has a 2 min time limit, and a blessed grave has a 5 min time limit. Hope that answers your question.
  2. Both the low alchemy charges and the run energy restore charges get replenished daily. Once you get the last ring, the teles are unlimited
  3. Apparently this recent thing is on the FunOrb servers as well as on runescape. Also there was no update on the rs home page telling us that this was going to happen. Technical difficulties maybe?
  4. Ok, what just happened? All of the servers have just been turned off and everyone has been logged off. What's happening?
  5. Yah, full dragon and ZGS would really go well with the att cape, the colors match.
  6. Ya dragon is way better. What have you been smoking recently?
  7. I suggest more like lv 40 range. You can take advantage of the green dragonhide armor if you finished dragon slayer.
  8. But are leather items more expensive to make considering that no one buys the finished product which forces you to dump it at the general store which greatly increases the amount of money lost? With jewelry items, you can high alch the finished product and ending up with like 50-75% of the money you started out with.
  9. Well i heard that making jewelry is pretty good to level up.
  10. For us who are not infinitely rich, there is no limit to how much you can buy or sell at any one time. So you can buy 4000 gold ore instantly only if the supply of gold ore is sufficient enough to meet your demand. Although there is a limit for any amount of money being exchanged: 2,147,483,647. So in fact, there is a limit for buying and selling goods although almost all of us will not reach that limit since we do not poses that enormous amount of money. So technically, there are no limits to how much of any item you may buy or sell as long as you do not pass over 2 billion gp in the amount of money being exchanged.
  11. Its stats are exactly the same as a steel full helm. So its good for low leveled players but most people just buy them for the looks. So its really not worth it.
  12. Well this sort of thing can only lead to major developments for Runescape in the future.
  13. Well my guess is that since rares are so increasingly hard to sell, people are just selling them at increasingly lower prices just to sell them as quickly as possible. Plus their appeal has gone down since things like godswords have came into the market. Rares are just for the looks so they really have no applications. Also since most people that poses rares have realized that rares are losing the value they once had, they just want to get rid of the rares to prevent further monetary losses.
  14. Riots will never work. They won't work simply because there is not a majority of Runescape players openly "striking" about these updates which Jagex has brought upon us. If you take a look at how strikes are at companies today, you shall see a majority, if not the entire workforce on strike. That is how the employees on strike usually end up with what they want. This happens because since the workforce of the company is on strike, there is no one performing the necessary work that the company needs to function properly, so the company loses money fast. If the company does not want to lose millions of dollars, they will usually give what the strikers want. So unless the majority of p2p players end their subscription and start to riot in the f2p worlds about what they want Jagex to do, the riots will be ultimately futile. Since Jagex is being payed by its subscribing players, they don't care about these riots and will simply "brush off" those who do riot. The truth is that we have no so called "leverage" against Jagex. If we did, thing would be a lot different.
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