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  1. Good for him, but when did this become a competition about who has the most 99s? I honestly couldn't care less how many 99s ppl have. In fact, I couldn't care less if I was paid to. :roll: Besides, I have the only 99 I want...ever.
  2. Wow. This is just...wow. If there's a God in Heaven the new skill will teach proper spelling and grammer. Wow.
  3. I gave up on the Mining Guild long ago. Between bots and greedy ppl, many of whom are one in the same, it just wasn't worth my time and effort. I get far more mithril ore by killing cockroach workers than I would if I spent the same amount of time mining it anywhere on the RS map. I swear. Give it a try.
  4. OMG, where to begin? Let's start with snot-nosed little brats who tell me I'm too old to play RuneScape. I'll be the judge of that, thank you! Where were they when some of us had to walk everywhere and deal with idiotic things like fatigue? I'll tell you where. They were filling their diapers and smiling about it - that's where! Suppose I tell you that you're too young to play RuneScape? Hmmmmm? Then there are the morons I ignore and don't talk to because, well, they're morons. They start accusing me of being a bot and saying things like "Reported". Go ahead kid, report me. Jagex just loves false reports! This one really ticks me off. Someone will ask me repeatedly to borrow my Dragonfire shield, refusing to take no for an answer. Then they ask the current price of the dfs. I tell them that I'm not sure what it is atm. They respond with: "Learn how to do a pc noob." If this person had ever owned a dfs or just knew the basics about it he'd know that you can't do a price check on a fully charged shield. Edit: How did I forget this one? How maddening is it when ppl (mostly low lvls in F2P) click 'Follow' on you? Yeah, that's just what I want to do - haul your useless wagon all over creation while you bombard me with an endless stream of questions and requests to borrow this or that and ending with: "Can I have 5k?" I would absolutely love it if the only ppl who could click 'Follow' on us are the ppl on our friends list. Alright, I think I've vented enough steam to avoid a major meltdown...all the Munchkins can come out of their hiding places now. :ohnoes:
  5. I think it will be Ranching, a skill that can be linked with Construction and Farming. Perhaps people will get the horses they've wanted for years.
  6. Thedra

    RIP Runescape

    Silly rabbit, RuneScape isn't dead...it only smells that way.
  7. Alot of nice ideas. Here are a few of my own, primarily for the purpose of freeing up some bank space. 1. A new room - The Armoury. Think of the bank space freed up if you can store some weapons and armour in your house. Perhaps even put your best armour on display for house guests to admire? 2. A Circus Trunk in the Costume Room to store all the little goodies we get as rewards. 3. A Jewelry Box either in the Bedroom or Costume Room for storage of rings and amulets of all shapes and sizes. 4. A Farming Patch. Herbs, Trees, Fruit Trees, Flowers or Veggies - but only one, not all of them. Maybe a compost bin also. 5. House Lending/Renting! You could let a friend borrow your house and use your altar, lectern etc. whithout you having to be there or even online. You could also Rent your house to other players for the same purpose. (I just don't want to return home to find it trashed by a wild party!)
  8. On and off (mostly off) since February 2001. When the RS2 beta was released I took it for a test drive and left RSC in my rear-view mirror. I rarely miss anything about RSC.
  9. I think anyone who works hard to get a 99 in any skill deserves a cape. However, I would not give F2P "Skill" capes - let them have a generic "99" cape with no emote. They can proudly display the fact that they have a 99 skill, but if they want the cape for that particular skill and the emote that comes with it they can pay for the privelage.
  10. I like to think that untrimmed HP/LP capes are fairly uncommon, but I'm slightly biased in that direction as the owner of one. Still, the number of them that I've seen, including mine, I can count on one hand. I have seen maybe 3 untrimmed Thieving capes, but I think the most rare is Runecrafting. I have seen 2 of them - a friend of a friend has one and Aubury in the Varrock magic shop has the other.
  11. Someone foolishly tried this with me back in the days when the Wild was actually wild. I was instructed as to which rocks were his and which rocks were mine. I still wish I could have seen his face when he suddenly arrived in Lumby and all the rocks became mine. :-D
  12. Ah, the good old days. Fatigue and sleeping bags. Worst idea ever! Fighting a duel on the spot. No need for a trip to the Duel Arena, you simply put your money where your mouth was and lived or died on the spot you stood. Walking everywhere - and I do mean everywhere.(kids today with their new-fangled running!) Anybody remember when a Rune 2-Hander sold for over a million? You could count on one hand the number of people who could smith them and the price reflected it. If you had legendary smithers Musashi22 or Bluerose13x on your friends list you were a rock star. Yeah, I've been around for a while. I've been playing RS on and off since February 2001. Thanks to PC and SW I got my one and only skill cape in June 2009. (why should the kiddies have all the fun of easy experience?) I agree that Jagex dumbed down the game to make it easy for the swarms of kids who invaded it like hungry locusts, but the flip side of that is the fact that veteran players no longer have to work their fingers to the bone to accomplish something. I guess we just have to take the bad along with the good. Awesome story/rant. Bravo!
  13. is taking a break from RS

  14. I love my Gilded Altar. I love my Teleport Rooms. I love my Eagle Lectern. I love my Telescope. I hate people who can't spell.
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