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  1. It's very well saying we should kill them our selfs, but do you have any idea how full all the chicken spots are? Full of rangers killing all the chickens and then picking up the drops so other can't get anything.
  2. The skill isn't drawing me in yet, I'm level 5 but idk...
  3. I can't seem to get the mould. :( I'm using the Long brush with the fireplace, but geting nothing. :s Any help? EDIT: Sorry, yest again I have made a topic for help and found out sraight after. >_<
  4. RC 4 LYF. :P Just started another 7k Lawd for V helm. 16K laws will get you 5m, thats if you sell them 300 and Laws are 330+ now? I'm pretty sure they won't drop below 300 anytime soon so you could take your time doing them. ;]
  5. Appeal right away but make sure you make a good case saying why you should be unmuted. My main is perm muted. ÃÆââ¬Å¡ÃâìÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâì
  6. Yes it's safe, no they won't ban you. Why wouldn't it it? Why would they? :s
  7. Title. What should I wear and what should I have in my invent? Going for 53 from 51... >_> Thanks.
  8. Programs like swift switch have counter, you just have to click to count. And it is legal.
  9. hmmmm mabey a new tree could be related to sommoning :-k imagine a new tree that drops a certain type of birds egg :thumbsup: .... You lot are beyond help. Every post contains somthing about summoning. omg a cleaner, must be summoning related omg no more PK and B Mod Edit Inappropriate language. Q.V. Tip It Mod, must be summoning related :roll:
  10. It'sa bloody cleaner. If they updated trees and you seen a new one would that also be related to summoning? Why do you think all updates are realated to summoning? I kinda wish summoning is crappy and small, just to prove how wrong some of you are. :roll:
  11. Thats the only way you wil be getting help with it. ÃÆââ¬Å¡ÃâìÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâì I might have helped, but I don't feel like it now.
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