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  1. I'v had 4 tasks no hex GL bro. I have had 2 and gotten 2 :thumbsup: just to do it UNSMAP! another pair from steels
  2. Okay just to clarify, ONLY the ice ones are weak to a specific spell it does not do any mega damage on the desert or the jungle, only the ice ones. Bring some sort of healing familiar and anti-poisons are a must. Watch out for the dig attack it can hit twice on some rare cases (trust me I know I died)..... Also a EE or SGS will also help. Truly these guys are so weak a whip and a defender rips the apart. Hope that helps.
  3. They don't die that often. Seriously it rarely gets disease and the bigger profit makes up for the lose. Just always make sure you super compost.
  4. I can beat that with this: Also I have been BUSY today! :thumbsup: and slowly making my way to 70.
  5. Well I am interested in how this works as a effective way to get magic levels. Could anyone enlighten me?
  6. I did it with range but with you only having 76 it might be difficult. it is best to where mage defence armor but not barrows as if you die it will be costly to repair everytime. I used a mixtrue of brews and rocktail as save it till either you drop below 30 hp beside when you aren't getting attacked or for the bezerker mode. It is said that he is also weak to stab so you can either get a zamorakian spear or you can fork over for a vesta.
  7. WELL I have been very busy lately or at least to me I have.... Then i finally got this from steels. [spoiler=Drop]
  8. Did the blessed spirit shild change? I thought it said something about all forms of shields being changed. :unsure:
  9. The site guide that tip.it has is fairly decent. :thumbsup:
  10. I am fairly certian that the best place to train at high levels in f2p I belive is the cokroach soilders.
  11. boatracer22


    Well your going to have to trim that cape eventually.... So I would get the 99 range then mabey some sort or range armor although I'm not sure what your defence.
  12. I find maging with whatever spells you like down in barrows. It seems to keep me very interested and is very profitable.
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