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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Thanks for the tip man. I heard of that in the past, never gave more thought to it; it seemed too crazy. If I were pop my HDD in the freezer and were to find an external enclosure for IDE drives and plug it via USB, could it work? Or do I need to plugged dirrectly to my mobo
  3. This is the 3rd drive I add in this computer. The other 2 drives were SATA but this one is a 6-7 years old IDE drive. I don't hear clicks at all but my computer fans are loud as hell. Should I just remove the HDD from the computer? Ever since it failed, my boot up times went south, which is weird since this is a secondary drive.
  4. I tried initializing it. Windows gave me "This could not be performed due to an I/O error"
  5. Would that erase the data that's on it?
  6. My apologies. I run Windows 7 home edition sp2 Disk Management says "Disk 0, Unknown, 232.89 GB Not initialized" It's also Unallocated.
  7. So I was importing files that were saved on this HDD to Adobe Premiere Pro to edit multiple videos. Everything was running pretty smooth until I was previewing a WAV file on Windows Media Player while editing a video in Premiere. WMP and premiere went on a not responding strike and it went this way for a good 30 minutes. I tried Alt + F4, nothing. I tried shutting down the programs from Task manager, still nothing so I figured that I should restart my PC. After that everything seemed to work fine. This morning before work I went and edited more footage then it did exactly the same thing. Restarted the computer and went to work. When I came back tonight, the computer's startup time was way slower than usual and the hdd's shortcut to my desktop displayed a big, blue question mark. Restarted the PC, went into the boot menu and saw that my motherboard recognizes all my drives but then when I went back to my Desktop, the shortcut still displayed the same image and I can't see that particular drive in Windows Explorer. I've had 1 failing drive warning from Windows 2 weeks ago but I solved the problem. The HDD is a Western Digital 320GB that was installed in a 2006 pc professionally then removed and installed 3 months ago in a 2010 PC by me. What can I do so that Windows recognizes it? Is it possible to keep all the data that's on there and how can I retrieve it? Also I need a NAS (network attached server). Tired of opening my case when I want to add more drives, got anything to suggest?
  8. The main reason is that I know I will be using a lot of drives. and I do not like external hard drives. Even though at the moment, it seems like the best choice for me, I think ahead and I know this will eventually not be enough.
  9. I will use that NAS (Network Attached Storage) to store files that need to be edited and then uploaded to various websites. I could go with a regular HDD but the programs/hardware I use (FRAPS/PVR) output massive files that I don't necessarily edit right away and I also like to keep the raw files if I ever have to re-edit and re-upload a video. I will be filming/editing game footage mainly with a possibility of serious editing like movies. I want a NAS that allows me to grab my files once I open my editing software of choice. (I use Premiere Pro if it matters at all.) I would prefer a storage unit that can be connected to my computer(s) via Ethernet, work on Windows (and Mac, if possible) and has at least 4, hot-swap enabled bays. My budget is around $500 although for now, the cheaper it is, the more happy I will be. So Tip.It, what do you suggest?
  10. I got an iPad2 on release date and I have loved it ever since. I got it mostly for games and for writing stuff. I got a Bluetooth keyboard case for it and I never regretted it. I did not and will not upgrade to the "new" iPad for a single reason; I plan on buying a laptop. I might be getting a Macbook Air in the future and I do no see the point in having a tablet and an MCA at the same time.
  11. Hi this is me, please index the picture. If I currently have an image indexed, please remove it, thanks!
  12. I sure like what that fizz4m character said. oh and grats dark :P
  13. I bet someone said it before me, but I'll say it anyway. OP, your idea feels a lot like Guild Wars' dye system. It's not a bad thing and I actually support this idea, but I have one main concern. If we are allowed to trade the dyed items, it would create too many items that do the same thing in the Grand Exchange. However, if the dyed items would be reverted back to their original colors when sold via GE, it would prevent the GE to become more of a cluster*beep* than it is already.
  14. I took the liberty to create a NHL 12 EASHL team for the forum users. The team is called "tipitdotcom" On the Xbox 360. I tend to be online on Mondays evening, Tuesdays, Thursday evening, and every other weekends My GT is fizz4m After you asked for an invite in-game, please reply to this topic or send me a pm here or on XBL thanks <3 - Pope
  15. Xbox Live, Steam, Origin - fizz4m On Xbox: I usually play NHL 12, Dead Island and Black Ops, Mostly the first 2. On Steam: I play A.V.A and sometimes Trackmania. (when I get a better computer I will get better games) On Origin: I will be playing Swtor when it will be released.
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