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  1. Grats 999/999!!! If at first you don't succeed... pray to god you get a good d claw spec :P Awesome job, I knew you could do it ^_^
  2. grats! i'm going for the same goal. any tips? (currently lvl 60) will get members if absolutely necessary. 99/99
  3. share some maples and coal PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3: :thumbsup:
  4. Wow. All that hard work. Truly someone to look up to. You should post a bank pic or something, it'd be sweet to see all those years of hard work add into a bank. And then give me your bank worth. 9.9/10
  5. I would say, start off by giving me like...say, 20m? Then we should train together so I can get a bunch of cool [cabbage]. Then we will walk around Runescape like a couple o' pimps.
  6. k so im just gonna go straight to the point. im gonna be getting 99 cooking at 8 o clock tomorrow . thats 8 central. all can come. achievment will be on world 1, cooking guild. then after i get the level, ill switch to world 99 and gettingmy cape and we will celebrate at my friend Switch758's POH.
  7. i quit. thats it. no way i can ever come to that point. im done, thanks. 100/10 though. godly amazing.
  8. that is godly. 10/10 this should win best tif achievment imo.
  9. that is just amazing. i dont think i could ever have the patience to keep all of those without trading them in. :shock: /10 = 30m/10 :thumbsup:
  10. 10/10! i've been trying for a higher herblore on my main, but i get bored easily (adhd, you know?) haha and for the 80 cooking. did you make wine?
  11. if i'm f2p, where is the best place to mine if i'm only lvl 37 :/ i'm quite the noob... anyway, 10/10!!!! get the effin cape!!! its my fav!!!! :
  12. i dont think its that bad...mime or desert boots and maybe a mage ammy or something would help... what is that weapon?
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